MITAGS ~ PMI May 2017 E-Bulletin


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Upcoming Courses
Upcoming Courses at PMI
To learn more about these courses please click on below links or contact Mary McGhee at: mmcghee@mates.org
Courses Dates (2017)
HAZWOPER Refresher May 3
Basic Training - Refresher May 6-8 
ECDIS May 8-12
Basic Training May 8-12
Advanced Fire Fighting May 15-18
Lifeboatman - Proficiency in Survival Craft May 15-18
Able Seaman May 15-19
Celestial Navigation May 15-26
Basic Training - Refresher May 20-22
Radar Renewal May 23
Integrated Electronic Navigation - Best Practices May 24-26
HAZWOPER - 24 Hour May 24-26
Leadership and Teamworking Skills May 30
Security Officer - Vessel, Company and Facility May 31 - June 2
Upcoming Courses at MITAGS
To learn more about these courses please click on below links or contact MITAGS Admissions at: admissions@mitags.org
Courses Dates (2017)
DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing (1-Day) May 1
Advanced Shiphandling II May 1-5
Emergency Shiphandling (5-Day) May 1-5
Ship / Shipboard Management May 1-12
Advanced Firefighting Revalidation / Refresher May 2-3
Radar Renewal (Night) May 3
Radar Renewal (Night) May 4
Basic Training Revalidation May 4-5
Basic Training Refresher May 4-6
Advanced Shiphandling I May 8-12
Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids May 8-12
Cargo Handling & Stowage May 8-12
Medical Person in Charge May 8-19
Radar Renewal (Night) May 10
MEECE (1 WK, does not include assessments) May 15-19
Basic Shiphandling May 15-19
Advanced Watchkeeping May 15-19
Advanced Shiphandling II May 15-19
Visual Communications (Flashing Light) May 16
Radar Renewal (Night) May 17
Fatigue, Sleep & Medication Management May 22
Bridge Resource Management - For Pilots May 22-23
Azipod (2 Day) - For Pilots May 22-23
Vessel Security Officer May 22-24
Confined Space Entry May 22-24
Leadership & Managerial Skills May 22-26
Automatic Identification Systems (1 Day) May 23
Legal Aspects of Piloting May 23
ECDIS - For Pilots May 24-25
BRM-P Refresher - For Pilots May 24-26
Vessel Personnel with Desig. Security Duties May 25
Events and News
SOCP Event in Seattle, WA (April 5-6)
Please join maritime industry leaders from Crowley, Foss Maritime Company, Keystone Shipping, TOTE Services, MITAGS-PMI, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, State of Washington, Washington Maritime Federation, Port of Seattle, Northwest Seaport Alliance, United States Coast Guard, MARAD, APL Maritime, Ltd., Washington State Ferries, Holland America Group, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, US Committee on the Marine Transportation System, ABS, NOAA, California Maritime Academy, USMMA, MTS, STAR Center, Seattle Maritime Academy, Seafarers Lundeberg School of Seamanship, US Dept. of Transportation, Lee Chesneau's Marine Weather, CSL America, Lindblad Expeditions, General Dynamics- American Overseas Marine, The SMART Center, TransPORTS, Hornbeck Offshore, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Skagit Valley College, and more to attend the SOCP 2017 Spring Summit in Seattle.
This highly informational event will be held at The Edgewater Hotel, 2411 Alaskan Way on April 5 & 6. For more information and to RSVP for this event, please visit the SOCP website by clicking here.
The following topics will be presented and discussed to help drive future cooperative solutions for today's issues:
• Working Waterfronts & Maritime Industrial Land Use  
• Political, Environmental & Marine Cargo Trends  
• Pacific Region Requirements & More  
• Extreme Weather Events and Control Measures  
• Heavy Weather Forecasting  
• Maritime Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment Prevention  
• Maritime Vocational Programs  
• Ports and CyberSecurity  
STCW and National Regulations Require Periodic "Revalidation / Refresher" Training
The revalidation / refresher training listed below must be taken every 3 or 5 years. Note that several of the 1-day seminars (MED-DOT, HAZMAT, radar) can usually be scheduled (on demand) in the evenings or weekends. Please check with Admissions. The PSC refresher is under development and expected to be on the schedule by July. The following is a list of the most common ones:
Drug and Alcohol Testing (1-Day) - Every 5 years for mariners designated to gather specimens after a reportable marine accident.
Hazardous Materials (1-Day) - Every 3 years, for officers and ratings responsible for cargo handling on ships carrying dangerous and hazardous substances in solid, bulk, or package form. - Note, most companies offer this on-board.
Radar Renewal (1- Day) - Must renew within 5 years of the radar...

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