MITAGS-PMI Offers Free Subchapter M Course for Qualified Professionals


By The Maritime Executive 10-10-2018 12:31:50

Many companies are now choosing MITAGS-PMI to provide M-SAFE Subchapter M training classes to their crews. Already, we have conducted a number of company-specific sessions in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. Plans are underway to expand to the Gulf of Mexico next year.

While company-specific classes offer many advantages, they are not always practical for smaller companies, or companies who only have a few people to train. With that audience in mind, we are now offering Open-Enrollment classes on a regular basis. As with our company-specific programs, these classes cover the Emergency Response topics required by 46CFR 140.420, and the Occupational Health and Safety topics of 46CFR 140.415, but they do so in a more generic manner, not limited to any particular boat or company.

In order to introduce this class to the industry, we are offering qualified managers and mariners the opportunity to attend our October 29-30 Seattle class AT NO CHARGE.

Why free? We want you and your personnel to experience the quality training offered by MITAGS-PMI. At the end of the program, we will ask participants to complete a brief survey to help us make the class even better.

Click here to download the full course flyer.

What's Your Training Plan?

Subchapter M is here. Coast Guard Inspectors and Third Party auditors are looking closely at the drills and training being conducted aboard towing vessels. A number of vessels have already been found deficient and some have even been detained. Many fail because nobody aboard has ever been trained to be a trainer, or been trained to run effective emergency drills. Companies are finding that even with many years of operational experience, many Captains and managers are not up to the task of training and drilling their crews. Or they may simply not have the time.

At MITAGS-PMI, we want to be your training partner. We have over 40 years' experience training and assessing mariners. We understand the topics required by Subchapter M, and know how to explain them to mariners in a clear and relevant manner. We combine classroom discussions with a large dose of hands-on practicality.

Until we reach the class limit of 24 people, we are offering TWO FREE SEATS per company to mariners and managers representing towing companies covered by Subchapter M. Retail tuition for this program is normally $795.00 per person.

To claim your two free seats in the October 29-30 class, or to learn more, contact Jon Kjaerulff at 206-255-8398 or jkjaerulff@mates.org.

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