Marine Coatings Manufacturer Deems EverClean Safe for Silicone Coatings

Greensea IQ

Published May 15, 2024 11:28 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Greenses IQ]

Greensea IQ, the provider of the pioneering in-water cleaning service EverClean, is proud to announce its recognition as an Approved Supplier by Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP). This approval comes after CMP independently confirmed that, when applied properly, EverClean does not damage CMP’s silicone hull coatings.

"Receiving the letter of approval from CMP marks a significant milestone for the marine industry," says Rob Howard, CGO of Greensea IQ. "Addressing the immense challenge of reducing biofouling without harming our environment is crucial. EverClean stands out as the first in-water service provider recognized by a coatings manufacturer for preserving the integrity of marine coatings. This achievement represents a substantial advancement toward environmentally responsible solutions."

He adds, “Greensea IQ aims to continue forging strong partnerships with coatings manufacturers dedicated to minimizing environmental harm. By collaborating with these manufacturers, we can significantly amplify our impact on mitigating the adverse environmental effects associated with biofouling."

EverClean is a subscription-based hull cleaning service tailored for the commercial shipping industry, utilizing compact, autonomous robots. Scheduled to optimize cleaning efficacy without disrupting ship operations, the service ensures that vessels maintain pristine hull conditions. Greensea IQ is committed to ongoing collaboration with coating manufacturers to guarantee that EverClean customers receive the most effective anti-fouling solutions available for their fleets.

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