LQT Supports Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands


By MarEx 2017-11-06 23:10:21

LQT Industries, LLC, a service provider to the energy and industrial markets worldwide, provided 71 buildings and support equipment for hurricane affected areas in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In Puerto Rico, LQT has supplied accommodations to house 460 personnel including sleeper units, galleys, diners, offices, auxiliary buildings, and support equipment. LQT supplied and installed the sewage treatment system, water maker system, and power generation with electrical distribution to provide independent functionality of the accommodations facility. LQT’s team completed the installation and integration of the facility in only 10 days.

LQT responded to hurricane affected areas in Texas, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands by supplying over 100 buildings along with support equipment and personnel in the past two months.

About LQT Industries, LLC

LQT Industries, LLC was formed in 2012 after the merger of three (3) companies in the energy sector. LQT is a high quality service provider and specialized building manufacturer to the industrial and energy markets. LQT’s team is comprised of professionals with diverse experience in modular fabrication, remote workforce accommodations, engineering, emergency response, and specialty craft services including fire & safety services and industrial insulation. With many years of experience, LQT provides customers with innovative products and solutions to support operations and large capital projects, both onshore and offshore. The focused approach and in-house capabilities make LQT the best choice for industry leading companies worldwide. For more information, please visit www.lqtindustries.com.

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