LNG for Marine Fuel Seminar

LNG bunkering

By MarEx 2015-04-07 20:01:51

Spurred by the IMO emissions standards effective from January 2015, LNG as a marine fuel is one of the most important developments impacting shipping. Yet there are many issues and unanswered questions being debated. As such, ECM Training, in association with Galway Group, customized a seminar that focuses on what is needed to form views and enlighten decisions on "LNG for Marine Fuel".

With the availability of gas in North America and with tighter emission standards planned, the use of natural gas, and its liquid form, LNG, is a viable alternative fuel to be considered in all ship construction plans. Switching from oil to gas poses challenging technical, operational, commercial and regulatory issues that must be addressed in the face of established paradigms and in the midst of public anxiety surrounding LNG.

ECM Training seeks to raise awareness of the opportunities and the risks presented by LNG as a marine fuel and is hosting a two-day seminar to be held at the Hotel ICON in downtown Houston, TX on April 28-29, 2015. With the guidance of expert presenters and in a friendly setting with trusted colleagues, attendees can explore and debate the topics important to decision-making, such as: the basics of LNG, the type of equipment and resources needed for using LNG as a fuel, construction and design requirements, commercial and market aspects of LNG availability as well as regulatory/safety challenges.

For a closer look at the seminar program "LNG for Marine Fuel" and to Register for the seminar, please go to www.ecmmaritime.com.

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