Kongsberg Maritime Secures Several Major Contracts for HUGIN AUVs

HUGIN AUVs can be optimized for a range of subsea industries
HUGIN AUVs can be optimized for a range of subsea industries

Published Jul 13, 2022 11:51 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Kongsberg Maritime]

Following a recent uptick in orders, Kongsberg Maritime’s Sensor and Robotics division has announced that it has secured over NOK 450M in contracts for HUGIN AUV in Q2 2022.

The order income consists of a healthy mix of recurring business with existing customers and new customers that will utilize the HUGIN platform in their operations.

The use of AUVs is a vital piece in the technology puzzle that must be solved to enable sustainable oceans. The vehicles can operate autonomously over a long period of time and collect environmental data, performing multiple survey operations for multiple applications in a cost-effective way compared with conventional surveys.

Since the first dive of the iconic HUGIN autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) prototype on 7 March 1993, Kongsberg Maritime has been spearheading the development of the sector, and with the latest release of HUGIN Edge, Kongsberg Maritime offers complementary AUV solutions for the rising AUV Market.

“These latest contracts are a true acknowledgement of a team effort over many years, and it shows that Kongsberg Maritime offers the right technology and solutions for the growing AUV market. We see that customers put AUVs into operation in many applications, and we believe that Autonomous Underwater Vehicles will be used in even more applications in the future,” says SVP Stene Førsund, Kongsberg Maritime.

The HUGIN range of autonomous underwater vehicles is characterised by great manoeuvrability and high accuracy of stabilisation. Hydrodynamic shape, accurate instruments and excellent battery capacity means these AUVs can be optimised for a variety of industries from oil & gas and renewables to defence and research.

“Our expansion to a wider portfolio of HUGIN AUV models has been well received by the market. In addition to the underlying and increasing demand for marine robots we are now also addressing new applications and by this increasing the addressable market with our wider portfolio. Our robotic solutions are more sustainable, safe and cost effective than traditional methods within the ocean space domain”, says SVP Marine Robotics, Thomas Nygaard, Kongsberg Maritime.

Over time, the range of HUGIN AUVs has evolved to go deeper, longer and carry a larger payload of sensitive data-collecting sensors which has made HUGIN the most successful commercial off-the-shelf autonomous underwater vehicle ever made.

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