Jan Leerschool Says Goodbye and Leaves for Retirement

Jan Leerschool (2nd from left) at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam with UK distributor CUK and CEO of Pan Acoustics, Udo Borgmann (right).
Jan Leerschool (2nd from left) at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam with UK distributor CUK and CEO of Pan Acoustics, Udo Borgmann (right).

Published Jul 28, 2021 10:16 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Pan Acoustics]

Now the day has come: On August 1, 2021, Dutchman Jan Leerschool will fi nally let go of the baton and pass it into the hands of Johannes Kampert, who, as Head of Global Sales, will in the future be  key responsible for the international business of loudspeaker manufacturer Pan Acoustics. "Jan has been scaling down his activities over the past few years in order to very gradually approach  life in retirement," reports Udo Borgmann, CEO of Pan Acoustics GmbH, who hired the go-getting 69-year-old in 2010.

Since then, things have gone rapidly uphill. Leerschool, already interested in audio technology since his youth, used his experience and network  in the A/V industry to advance the Wolfenbüttel-based company piece by piece worldwide together  with founder and CEO Borgmann. "When Udo and I introduced the Pan Beam series of active line  source speakers to the world eleven years ago, we were an eight-man operation. To date, Pan  Acoustics has grown to almost 30 employees, which is great," enthuses Leerschool, who now wants to devote his free time entirely to the passion of working with wood. 

Pan Acoustics moved into the new building of the brand-new constructed company headquarters last  year. "The fact that we are, where we are now and operate as a reliable global player that keeps pace  with the competition in terms of technology is also largely thanks to Jan," explains CEO Borgmann. The company now supplies to more than 33 countries through its exclusive sales partners. The departing International Sales Manager Leerschool has steadily expanded the distribution network with  cultural vision.

"Jan manages to think outside the box. With his humorous manner and tact, he has opened many doors for us," Borgmann appreciates. Projects in France, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, the Arab world and elsewhere have been successfully implemented together.  "And the great thing is that the loudspeaker installations are still running reliably after more than ten  years," says Leerschool, underlining the high quality of the "Made in Germany" products. 

Now Johannes Kampert, who has headed up overall sales at Pan Acoustics since March 2021, will direct all international sales activities for Pan Acoustics. "Jan leaves big shoes to fill and has created  an amazing distributor network. That‘s a great foundation for me and I‘m looking forward to creating more projects with our sound reinforcement solutions together with our partners worldwide," Kampert says optimistically about the future. "And a few spots on the world map are still blank. Our network is open to grow and to include more countries." 

"As a person, Jan Leerschool will be greatly missed, but he will keep his permanent place in the heart of Pan Acoustics and is always welcome in Wolfenbüttel," Borgmann lets the wood lover from the Netherlands know. "Udo and I have gone through exciting, but at times also troubled times together. I am pleased that the efforts have paid off and I wish Pan Acoustics a successful future. I thank Udo, all colleagues and companions for the wonderful years together," Leerschool says goodbye. 

We wish Jan all the best for his time in retirement and in his home workshop! Wherever your friends are, you will be at home, especially with us! 

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