InterManager Launches Maritime Champions League


Published May 11, 2020 5:05 PM by The Maritime Executive

Both the mainstream and maritime press continue to paint a bleak picture of the shipping industry, undermining the tremendous efforts undertaken by many ship and crew managers, which has been causing sorrow and demotivation among the seafaring community. 

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the world we know, yet many shipping companies continue to be innovative and nascent in their approach to overcoming seemingly impassable barriers. 

InterManager – the international trade association for ship and crew managers – has today introduced the Maritime Champions League, a website to recognize the efforts of the seafaring community where ship managers can share their successful crew repatriation achievements, irrespective of whether they are in-house or third party. 

“Some ship managers are making huge strides, and some have only changed the circumstances of a handful of seafarers, but every little helps,” said Capt. Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General of InterManager.

“InterManager believes that we need to reward those who – instead of simply talking – have rolled up their sleeves and immediately started working to find ways of repatriating their sea staff and seafarers.

“It is hoped that this table will convey a clear message to all industry stakeholders that the maritime industry has not forgotten their seafarers, and that we are willing and able to conduct crew changes and show utilized routes.

“The Maritime Champions League table will also detail the nationalities of those who have been relieved, and will show the efforts of national administrations and their willingness to cooperate and be an inspiration for those who are still in the planning phase, and not just bury themselves under the bureaucratic duvet.

“By working collectively, we can pool our resources for crew changes and achieve far more than we could alone.” 

The League table is live on the InterManager website at https://bit.ly/3dBSA0c and will be continuously updated with relevant data as and when it becomes available. 

Speaking of the League table, Szymanski said: “It is hoped that this will serve as an inspiration for those who are still dragging their heels, and provide the seafaring community with much-needed peace of mind that they have the support of the entire industry behind them.”

Those wishing to join the Maritime Champions League and lead from the front can e-mail [email protected]

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