IHC Hytech Under New Ownership


Published Dec 30, 2021 10:20 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Royal IHC]

Royal IHC announces that on the 24th of December it has sold IHC Hytech B.V. (Hytech) to a  number of private investors who have established Pommec Hytech Holding B.V.  Buyers plan to merge the operations of Hytech with those of Pommec B.V. (Pommec).  

Hytech specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality, professional diving and  hyperbaric equipment. Hytech designs, produces and delivers innovative, sustainable and integrated  equipment for the diving, governmental, tunneling, life support and medical markets. Other than the  medical market, Pommec is currently active in all markets that Hytech operates in. Pommec is  currently located in Bergen op Zoom. Buyers plan to locate combined operations of Hytech and  Pommec at Hytech’s location in Raamsdonksveer. 

IHC Hytech is a highly specialist company in the area of hyperbaric equipment. It is a highly reputable  player for both new build as well as service. The company was originally acquired by Royal IHC  because Royal IHC intended to build Dive Support Vessels. The changed market situation in the  offshore market meant that this never materialized. Fortunately, the governmental market held up.  On top, Hytech diversified its product offering into amongst others the market for medical  hyperbaric chambers and the market for tunneling equipment. The company is successful in these  markets. Through the planned merger with competitor Pommec, a leading ‘go to’ market player for  hyperbaric equipment will be shaped.  

Gerben Eggink, CEO of Royal IHC, stated: “We have always been proud to have such high-end technology in our product portfolio. Last year, during the reorganization of Royal IHC, Hytech was  labeled as non-core for Royal IHC. I am happy that we found a good strategic home for Hytech. The  sale of Hytech successfully concludes the divestment of our non-core businesses.” 

Marcel Beckers, Owner Solyse Invest and representing Pommec Hytech Holding, stated: “The Pomme  family and I are very proud that the merger of Pommec B.V. and IHC Hytech B.V., two companies with  a joint existence of 75 years, results into a powerful enterprise with a top-3 position worldwide.  Pommec Hytech is an innovative frontrunner in the supply of high-end systems and services in  specialized markets all over the world. A company that ‘BV Nederland’ can be proud of as well.”

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