Human Rights at Sea Publishes Third Annual Report


By MarEx 2017-09-27 19:51:09

Human Rights at Sea has published its Annual Report for the year ending May 2016.

The 40-page report comprehensively lays out the development and achievements of the U.K.-based charity's third year of operation.

Founded in April 2014 by CEO David Hammond, the charity raises awareness and accountability for human rights in the maritime environment. Hammond says: “This third publicly available Annual Report ably demonstrates the efforts of our team in investigating, educating and advocating about on-going human rights abuses at sea around the world.

“Once again, I am hugely proud of the team's efforts in consistently delivering high-quality advocacy materials. Achieved on a very limited budget, they put into perspective just what can be done with a value-for-money business model that focuses on the frontline.”

The report is available for download on the charity's site: High Res version (25 MB), Low Res version (7MB) 

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