HudsonCyber and “K” Line LNG UK Shipping Team to Address Cyber Risk


Published Nov 4, 2020 8:59 PM by The Maritime Executive

HudsonCyber, a subsidiary of HudsonAnalytix, Inc., is pleased to announce it entered into a comprehensive agreement with “K” Line LNG Shipping (UK) Ltd. for the implementation of its innovative Cyber Assessment and Training Suite (CATS) and Cyber Risk Management Support Services. CATS combines HudsonCyber’s award-winning HACyberLogix self-assessment methodology and decision-support platform with a customized cyber awareness training programme. Following completion of a cybersecurity capability assessment workshop with staff from K-Line LNG UK and other London based subsidiaries, K-Line LNG UK leadership is using tailored HACyberLogix recommendations to coordinate cyber risk management investments and drive cybersecurity capability improvements across the business.  Building on this foundational effort, HudsonCyber experts are working with K-Line LNG leadership to design, develop, and deliver an innovative cybersecurity training programme to address K-Line LNG’s specific needs. 

Cyber risk has grown in importance as maritime trade becomes increasingly automated and dependent on information availability and accuracy. With the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) requirements for shipping companies to address cyber risk in their safety management systems (SMS) by 1 January 2021, shipping companies are increasingly recognizing the urgency to address the challenge of cyber threats. K-Line LNG UK, being a pioneer in the industry, has adopted a holistic, phased approach to manage cyber risks across all aspects of its organization while integrating cybersecurity best practices into the company’s SMS.  

Mr. Derek Darwin, Head of K-Line London Cyber Working Group added: “CATS, through its integrated methodology, represents the first step towards efficient and sustainable cyber risk management, with training playing a key role in the process. Hudson’s facilitators moderated the assessment workshop to characterize our current cyber security readiness across the entire organization and helped us to identify the existence of gaps and related cyber risks within our Safety and Security Management System. Now we continue this engagement by working together to update our Safety Management System in accordance with IMO 2021 requirements.”

The primary component of HudsonCyber’s CATS is the HACyberLogix platform. Recipient of Lloyd’s List 2017 Digital Innovation Award, and endorsed by North of England P&I, the online tool uniquely combines more than 30 years of maritime risk management experience with current cybersecurity expertise, capabilities, and best practices via an intuitive electronic interface that delivers meaningful cybersecurity guidance, insights, recommendations, and trend analysis capabilities to decision-makers. Designed to foster collaboration across an organization, HACyberLogix informs where and how shipowners and operators should best and most efficiently allocate precious resources, enables them to benchmark their cybersecurity capability progress over time, and helps them sustain their long-term cyber risk management efforts.

Max Bobys, Vice President of HudsonCyber, stated, “Since we founded our cyber practice over five years ago, our goal for the shipping industry has always been to leverage technology to offer high value-add knowledge, expertise, and decision-support guidance to our shipping clients at a reasonable and sustainable price point. We are very excited about K-Line LNG UK’s decision to take the unique approach in fusing our cybersecurity assessment, advisory, and training capabilities across its organization.  Ultimately, the efficiencies gained will deliver measurable results over time.”

Chronis Kapalidis, HudsonAnalytix’s Europe Cybersecurity Practice Lead added: “Shipping companies are running out of time in their effort to address cyber risk ahead of 2021. K-Line LNG is setting an industry-wide example by adopting a holistic approach, tailored to the company’s operational requirements.”

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