HoistCam - Proven Reduction in Accidents and Efficiency for Port Cranes

By MarEx 2012-12-19 15:37:00

GM Engineering Services is proud to announce the release of its rapidly deployable wireless camera system, HoistCamTM (http://www.hoistcam.com).  Designed specifically for the crane operator to give them the proper line of site, HoistCam places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere in and around the construction site or marine port.

Safety and efficiency are significantly increased by making visual information instantly available directly from the boom or hook block of the crane.  Mounted with magnets and secured with a safety lanyard, the HoistCam can be installed in a matter of seconds. HoistCam withstands the harshest environments, and provides both full day and night coverage. HoistCam can be installed anywhere from the boom of the crane to the hook block and around the operator's cab at any construction site, industrial facility or marine port in seconds.

“The HoistCam is an outstanding addition to our suite of rapidly deployable wireless camera platforms,” explains Christopher Machut, Chief Technology Officer with GM Engineering Services.  “The camera can be placed anywhere at the site including directly on the hook block of the crane.  This flexibility is especially useful during more dangerous lifting operations such as blind lifts.  We have found that this versatility to be instrumental to allowing the rigger and crane operator to decide where they want their eyes to be located, ” says Mr. Machut.

Unlike traditional camera systems that are permanently affixed to the crane, the HoistCam is completely wireless.  The only permanently mounted components on the platform is the wireless antenna and display in the crane operator's cab. HoistCam virtually eliminates distractions of more costly and sophisticated camera systems by removing the distractions of a joystick from the operator's cab.

“During our trials of the HoistCam, we found that the operator was distracted when they had to take their hands off the crane's controls to constantly adjust the camera.  By being able to position the HoistCam anywhere on the crane or the construction site, the HoistCam enables the rigger and crane operator to decide where to locate the camera – not the manufacturer.”

The HoistCam can be used on multiple types of marine and construction sites including tower cranes, dredging barges, marine cranes, mobile construction cranes and even port cranes.  More information about the HoistCam can be found online at http://www.hoistcam.com.  The HoistCam.com website contains a numerous videos and brochures on the HoistCam including recorded video from the HoistCam being used in the field.

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