HB Rentals Achieves Offshore Accommodation First with ABS Certification


By MarEx 2016-03-17 15:30:45

Offshore accommodation and workspace specialist HB Rentals was granted an ABS Certification of Design Assessment for its high demand 11’ x 32’– 8 man sleeper – accommodation module. This achievement now sees this latest generation module having dual certification from ABS as well as DNV GL.

The ABS certification is a first for HB Rentals’ existing DNV A60 accommodation module product lines which are part of our temporary living quarters (TLQ) rental fleet supporting Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and sections of the Americas. The ABS certification, as based on the Guide for Portable Accommodation Modules, was last updated on 1 May 2014. The guideline stipulates that modules constructed on or after 15 January 2013 are to comply with the requirements contained herein. Additionally, existing modules that predate 15th January 2015 and to be installed onboard ABS classed units or vessels after 1 January 2018 shall also comply with this guide.

The 15 January 2013 effective date for the new requirements (Appendix 7-2-A2 of the ABS MODU Rules or Appendix 7-A-17 of the ABS Rules for Survey After Construction (part 7), is a game changer for the offshore accommodation temporary living quarters rental industry. Offshore TLQ service companies must comply with these rules if accommodation modules are to be installed on an ABS classed vessel, which makes up a significant percentage of the total global classed vessel fleet

As a global offshore accommodation supplier of rental sleeper, welfare, laundry, first aid, dining, galley and other special purpose ABS and DNV modules, it is essential that HB Rentals stays abreast of the regulatory changes to ensure viability and compliance for its rental fleet of assets. Millions of GBP are invested in rental assets to ensure availability of TLQ inventory – when and where there is short term need – for temporary personnel accommodation on vessels or platforms. The principal driver for product design – product generation after generation – are the continuously evolving ABS and DNV GL classifications for safety and other essential aspects of marine / offshore living and working.

With this new product design, HB Rentals will continue to work toward compliance of its existing DNV GL fleet of rental assets with new designs across the product line. The existing DNV GL fleet and dual certification designs are also compliant with SOLAS and FTP Code requirements.

Continual changes in regulatory requirements is one of the reasons why the rental market exists. The cost of maintaining accommodation assets and ensuring compliance over time is a cost that might be better served as an outsourced service rather than maintaining the assets by either the vessel company, oil & gas operator as in the case of offshore wind, by the project developer.

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