Harding Safety Achieves Faster Performance with Aryaka's Network for the Cloud

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By MarEx 2015-12-15 14:23:40

Aryaka®, the leading cloud networking provider, announced today that Harding Safety, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of marine life-saving systems, has deployed Aryaka’s software-defined, optimized network to achieve enterprise-grade performance and stable connectivity between their sites in Norway and China. “As a company that manufactures and supplies life-saving systems, time is always of the essence for us. We evaluated multiple traditional network providers, who expected us to wait for several months before the network was up and running. We needed a proven solution operational quickly,” said Eskil Moen, IT Manager at Harding Safety. “Aryaka was the only solution that worked, in terms of both agility and performance. Their Network for the Cloud is truly impressive technology!”

Prior to deploying Aryaka, Harding Safety was facing significant latency and packet loss issues between their offices. Latency was as high as 430 milliseconds. With packet drop rates as high as 20% over their previously existing IP-VPN links, application performance was miserable. The enterprise network thus acted as a barrier to collaboration, and business productivity was hit.

When Harding Safety was evaluating traditional MPLS and appliance-based solutions as an alternative, they soon became aware of the limitations of these technologies. The lengthy deployment schedules of MPLS (in the range of 3-6 months) did not align well with the company’s culture of agile innovation, and CapEx-heavy appliance-based solutions would result in maintenance and management challenges.

Harding Safety was impressed with Aryaka’s unique cloud delivery model that enabled their network to be set up in a matter of hours. Compared to their earlier network architecture, they experienced the following benefits over Aryaka:

- Up to 15x faster application performance

- Over 80% data reduction across all applications

- 0-1% packet loss

- End-to-End network visibility through the MyAryakaTM portal

             - Single day deployment

             - 24x7 customer support


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