Grand Bahama Shipyard Announces a Record Year Planned for 2018


Published Feb 21, 2018 5:51 PM by The Maritime Executive

Grand Bahama Shipyard (GBS) dry docked 23 cruise vessels owned and/or operated by the major players in the industry in 2017. Generally, the scope of works included significant propulsion and technical systems overhauls, hull treatment, accommodations and public spaces upgrades and the addition of onboard attraction facilities, however, the Carnival Elation project completed in Fall 2017 was pivotal for GBS, as it was a “first” for GBS to fully provide CCL a turn-key solution of complex steel fabrications for a major revitalization project.

Carnival Cruise Lines dry docked five vessels within the first half of 2017. Similar on each dry-dock project were full hull blasting and application of silicone coatings; major technical projects including major steel replacement in underwater areas and pipe replacements on multiple systems throughout the vessels. GBS supported the overhaul of thrusters and stabilizers, as well as, fabrication and installation of sea chests that were fitted into hulls to support the requirements of newly installed scrubber systems. Other major technical projects were the positioning of additional diesel generator modules (ADG) on four vessels and the installation of cyclo-convertor, the latter being a major co-op project with GBS/ABB/Carnival.

On the hotel side, GBS supported the Carnival Hotel Refurbishment Team with interior structural modification works on several vessels and the construction and installation of the “Water Works” attraction. The late 2017 repair season welcomed additional CCL ships including the The Carnival ‘Elation’ project pivotal for GBS, as it was the first time for GBS working with CCL to fully provide a turn-key solution for a major revitalization project which included deck fabrications for cabins and pax areas and other complex steel fabrications, along with the installation of a ducktail and sponsons to aid buoyancy. The level of expertise required for successful installation of the ducktail and sponsons involved detailed “mapping” of the existing hull form, then matching existing frames to the frames on the new structures.

RCCL’s ‘Grandeur of the Sea’ received a scrubber system, enhancements to aluminum and steel structures of the upper deck, and complete hull blasting and application of silicone coating. A project of note undertaken by the yard was the erection and maintenance of an impressive 1500 m3 complex scaffolding structure to support interior renovations. Two additional RCCL vessels arrived for late 2017 dry dock period to receive similar works.

Princess Cruise Line’s returned with two vessels, the ‘Caribbean Princess’ and the ‘Pacific Princess’. Both replaced approx. 11 tons of steel in structural projects on the hull and upper decks. Other projects of note included the application of the intricate Princess livery on the bow of each vessel by a highly skilled team from the GBS Hull Treatment Department. One Princess vessel was completed late 2017.

Celebrity ‘Summit’ visited in April for a major azipod overhaul. The yard team are so versed in this work that the vessel was ready to return to operations within seven days of going dry.

Norwegian Cruise Lines dry docked five ships within the first half of 2017. NCL’s ‘Sky’ dry-docked for works that included UTM on pool structures, replacement of galley equipment. GBS supported Rolls Royce on the overhaul of CPP and thrusters, and GBS further assisted by constructing and maintaining complex scaffolding in support of interior renovation projects. The ‘Pearl’s’ and ‘Jade’s’ extensive work programs included full blast and application of silicone coatings, the installation of new ballast water treatment system pipe lines; the overhaul of thrusters, stabilizers and azipods. On the world stage, Grand Bahama Shipyard leads the way in organizing and supporting Azipod and Fixipod overhauls.

Holland America dry docked four vessels during the late 2017 repair season. Works included the installation of the GBS fabricated sea chest, complete hull treatment and livery painting, UTM and steel repairs to various structures, hull and super structure, new overboard ballast water treatment system, thruster and stabilizers overhauls. GBS facilitated a new scrubber project and exhaust line replacement, laundry equipment replacement, ABB co-op Azipod repair, and constructed extensive interior and exterior scaffolding structures to support works throughout the vessel.

Disney Cruise Lines docked ‘Fantasy’ for its first class related dry docking. Works included an extensive hull treatment and anode replacement program, the erection and maintenance of a 10,000 m3 of complex scaffold stage to support major water park and slide refurbishments. Oceania’s ‘Insignia’ and Regent’s ‘Seven Seas Mariner’ both visited for a quick refit.

2018 Highlights will be: a project for CCL similar to the aforementioned ELATION project, were a vessel will undergo a “revitalization” within a 30-day period. GBS turn-key solutions will include the fabrication and installation of new steel structures, including: a cabin block structure which will incorporate additional cabins, new structures which will become balconies for mid-ship and aft cabins on several deck levels, the fabrication and installation of a ducktail and sponsons, steel fabrications as base components for interior work which will enhance general public spaces. GBS will fabricate the major support structures for the new waterpark. Standard overhauls to piping and mechanical systems are planned, along with complete hull treatment, thruster and stabilizer overhauls and ABB Azipod overhaul.

On another CCL vessel, “bridge wing suites” will be added, these have proven to be a success with CCL customers on other ships in the fleet. RCCL will have two “revitalization projects within 2018, major projects will run concurrently with the GBS turnkey projects of fabricating and installing aluminum deck blocks for the incorporation of suites. On these projects GBS will also fabricate the major support structures for the new waterparks. A success from the first “signature of excellence” program, HAL will add “Lanai Cabins”, on several of their vessels, this giving their customers the opportunity of direct access from the cabin to the promenade deck.

Our website, www.grandbahamashipyard.com, offers a comprehensive view of services offered at the yard, along with technical information for ship owner/operators and superintendents prior to dry dock.

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