GONDAN Delivers Live Fish Carrier

GONDAN fish carrier

By MarEx 2016-12-08 11:00:38

The sophisticated and complex vessel that today is departing for her Port of Registry, Bergen, will transport live fish between different farms and in- land fish factories.

Yesterday GONDAN delivered the vessel “MARTIN SÆLE”, the first Live Fish Carrier built by the yard. After recently completing successfully the sea trials program, the vessel will head today to Bergen, her Port of Registry. Later on she will sail to Scotland, where the vessel will operate.

This Live Fish Carrier, with 50 meters length and 12.6 meters beam, has capacity to transport 1000 m3 of water and fish alive in her hold. She will operate in the Shetland Islands, where she will transport young and adult fish between different farms along the coast, and also to and from the in-land fish factories and farms. She is a technologically advanced vessel and will be able to accommodate up to 7 crew members; but due to her high degree of automation, can be operated only by 4 persons.

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