Gateway New London Supporting Construction of Submarine Facility

Credit: Gateway

By The Maritime Executive 11-27-2019 04:16:24

Gateway announced today that work has begun at New London State Pier to support the construction of Electric Boat’s South Yard Assembly Building at the submarine builder’s Groton Shipyard. When completed, the 200,000 square-foot facility will be home to 1,400 workers.

Gateway is working with Electric Boat contractor Skanska Trevcon II JV to manage the delivery of cargo being used in the construction of the South Yard Assembly Building.  Since November 1st, workers from the International Longshoreman Association (ILA) Local 1411 have coordinated the delivery and assembly of the Liebherr crane which will be used to handle materials. Beginning in early December, casing pipes, rebar cages, and other materials to be used in the construction of the South Yard Assembly Building will be delivered and staged on two acres of land at State Pier. Gateway will then manage the receiving, loading, and securing cargo on barges for delivery across the Thames River.  More than 3,000 man hour wages will be dedicated to the project with Gateway’s ILA workforce.

“Gateway is proud to be part of the team working on Electric Boat’s South Yard Assembly Building,” said James Dillman, President of Gateway. “It is a remarkable opportunity to play even a small role in helping Electric Boat as they design and build Columbia class submarines for the U.S. Navy. We’re pleased to have the chance to partner on this project with Skanska Trevcon II JV.  We look forward to making sure that State Pier serves as a vital resource supporting conventional cargo, offshore wind, and many other uses well into the future.”

Gateway’s work to support Skanska Trevcon II JV and Electric Boat is estimated to continue through the first quarter of 2020.

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