FSI Announces Two Products for Relocation and Recovery of Autonomous Systems

SAF-553 Stand-Alone Flasher, ELPF-553 Flash-Pinger

By MarEx 2016-09-23 13:54:08

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) is pleased to offer two new products to assist in the relocation and recovery of autonomous underwater systems and assets:

• SAF-553 Stand-Alone Flasher

• ELPF-553 Flash-Pinger

These are extremely small, lightweight, battery-powered, intelligent devices that can be mounted directly on AUVs, Gliders, or other underwater equipment for recovery after their mission duration has elapsed. Multiple user-programmable settings allow for selection of delay, timing, flashing, and frequency options which enable use in a variety of different applications.

The Stand-Alone Flasher uses high power, high color-temperature LEDs for optical flashing, and the Flash-Pinger adds a pinger transmitter for acoustic tracking below the water surface. Several housing types are available to meet different depth requirements from 100m down to 1,000m. Ultra-low power electronics and water turn-on sense circuitry extend battery life for use on long-duration missions. The Flasher measures only 4.8” tall and 1.4” wide, and weighs only 180g including its three alkaline AAA batteries (substitute lithium AAAs for even longer life). The Flash-Pinger is only slightly larger at 5.9” tall and just under 2” wide.

Both devices are available now and can be purchased directly from FSI or through their many international distributors and representatives.

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