Elogen to Supply 2.5 MW Electrolyser to CrossWind for Offshore Wind


Published Feb 7, 2023 10:52 AM by The Maritime Executive

Elogen, a GTT group company, announces the signature of a contract with CrossWind1, a joint venture between Shell and Eneco for the development of the Hollandse Kust Noord (HKN) offshore wind project, to design and manufacture a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser with a power of 2.5 MW.

The project will start with an initial engineering phase, followed by fabrication and topside integration. Elogen's PEM electrolyser will be installed offshore in 2025, off the coast of the Netherlands, and will convert electricity produced on-site into green hydrogen, giving the project more flexibility to adapt to variations in power output.

The HKN offshore wind project puts a strong emphasis on innovation, with the objective of being able to store energy during periods of high electricity generation from renewable sources and release it during periods of low generation. Among the five key innovations identified by CrossWind to meet the challenge of the intermittency inherent to renewable energy, a hydrogen production unit will be installed on site to produce and store hydrogen and convert it back to electricity when required.

CrossWind is looking at opportunities to efficiently integrate these innovations within the wind farm. They have commissioned further research to explore opportunities for a more optimized, balanced, stable and efficient grid use. CrossWind’s aim – together with partners, including Elogen – is to help the world build intelligent wind farms that can match supply with demand for renewable electricity and to further power the transition into a lower-carbon future.

Jean-Baptiste Choimet, Managing Director of Elogen, declares: "We are thrilled that the PEM technology developed by Elogen has been chosen by CrossWind to contribute to this highly innovative offshore wind farm project. This new contract highlights the main advantages offered by this efficient technology to produce hydrogen from renewable energies, particularly in the context of an offshore project: it easily adapts to the intermittency inherent in renewable energies and makes it possible to manage power fluctuations, while requiring limited space.”

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of the GTT Group, comments: "This contract with CrossWind constitutes a major technological breakthrough since it will be the first time that an electrolyser of such power will be installed offshore as part of a very innovative offshore wind project. We are proud that CrossWind recognizes and values the offshore and maritime expertise of the GTT group, which, combined with the technological know-how of Elogen, will enable us to achieve this major new technological milestone.”

Tjalling de Bruin, CEO of CrossWind, states: “We are looking forward to this partnership with Elogen to innovate offshore wind at Hollandse Kust Noord in the North Sea. With the contract in place, and the electrolyser instated with the latest technologies, we will be able to demonstrate and accelerate the energy transition by 2025.”

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