Deltamarin Designs Archipelago Connecting Vessel for Finferries


Published Aug 2, 2022 4:39 PM by The Maritime Executive

Deltamarin has been selected as the designer of a new Finnish archipelago connecting vessel which will start operating in summer season 2023. Finferries - Suomen Lauttaliikenne has recently signed a shipbuilding contract with Oy HL-metal Ab, that will build the vessel at their premises in Pargas, Finland.

Deltamarin carried out the concept design of the vessel for Finferries during the tender period, and the further work for the project includes the complete basic design and major parts of the detail design. The vessel will be 30.8 meters long and 7.8 meters wide with a carrying capacity of 25 tonnes and the maximum number of passengers is 99. The vessel will start operation May 1st, 2023, and serves islands north of Nagu in Turku archipelago.

Esa Jokioinen, Director of Sales at Deltamarin: “We are very happy to continue our long-term collaboration with Finferries and look forward to working with HL-Metal on this project. This contract is particularly important for us as it showcases our capabilities in the smaller ferries and workboats segment.”

Mats Rosin, CEO of Finferries: ”We are glad that Deltamarin had the flexibility to provide us the design capacity for this project at a short notice. We have been satisfied with the quality of Deltamarin’s work in the concept design phase and are pleased to continue the successful cooperation on these next stages of basic and detail design.”

Markus Flinckman, CEO of HL-Metal: “We are proud that we as a local company has got the opportunity to build this connecting vessel, which will serve the archipelago and its people. We see this as a strong confirmation that we have succeeded in developing our business and our know-how, so that we can act as a valued partner in the service and newbuilding market for smaller ferries and workboats.”

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