Crystalia4Sea 2nd Generation Drinking Water Lab Analysis Results

Crystalia4Sea 600 Galley
Crystalia4Sea 600 Galley

Published Feb 11, 2022 10:26 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: P Ship Systems]

Our 2nd Generation onboard systems Crystalia4Sea COMPACT, 600 and X3 are a pure shipping market success.

More and more vessels implement the solutions onboard, getting

  • a mixture of cold, hot and room temperature constantly freshly produced drinking and cooking water
  • at different daily drinking water production capacities

Ocean-going vessels using our drinking water vessel systems onboard (in the Bridge, Engine Room, Officers & Crew Mess Rooms, Galley, etc) constantly feed their systems with fresh water from their evaporators.

The result is a constantly freshly produced drinking and cooking water of great quality, used for drinking and cooking, for washing vegetables and fruits, for making up coffee, tea and other beverages, even. For preparing ice-cubes onboard.

Challenges Before Our Drinking Water Vessel Systems On Board

  • Still plastic bottled water’ unknown: bottling dates, production process filtering procedures, storing & transport conditions, etc.
  • Costs Of: Ordering, Shipping To Ports Globally, Carrying Onboard, Managing Onboard, Discharging at Each Port and… All Over Again the same procedures at the next port for vessels’ potable bottled water.
  • Paperwork in each port, for each vessel.
  • Paying in ports Waste Management Charges for discharging empty plastic bottles.
  • No more ordering, transporting, carrying, storing, handling and discharging of still water plastic bottles
  • No Environmental Protection
  • No Certifications at all on still bottled water’s quality
  • No Compliance with the strictest EU Directive on Drinking Water (DIRECTIVE 98/83/EC)
  • No Compliance with WHO “pH in Drinking-water Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality

How Crystalia4Sea COMPACT, 600 and X3 Systems Help

  • Systems installed in various vessel locations
  • Water source supplied by vessel’s fresh water generated from the evaporator
  • Vessels always produce through their onboard Crystalia4Sea series freshly produced excellent drinking and cooking water
  • Very Good Crew Acceptance
  • Produced Water used for drinking, cooking, making beverages, washing vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Fast ROI
  • Protected Environment by stopping plastic bottle usage
  • Deemed as Best Practise for Drinking Water by 2 very reputable Oil Majors
  • Excellent Lab Analysis Results

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