COSCO Signs Fleet Contract with Marorka

cosco & marorka contract signing

By MarEx 2016-12-16 10:57:17

COSCO Shipping Lines and Marorka have signed a fleet contract which marks a significant milestone for the Chinese shipping giant with the deployment of Marorka Energy Management and Operational Performance solutions on board its modern container fleet.

The rollout decision has been made following verification of the performance improvement results during pilot projects. “After two years of continuous monitoring and comparison of the pilot vessels with others in the same series, we see a clear difference between ships with advanced Marorka optimization tools and those without. We have verified that Marorka’s solution has helped crews make better decisions, leading to fuel savings and other operational improvements,” said Capt. Qian Feng, Manager of the Global Marine Operating Centre.

COSCO Shipping Lines has selected Marorka as the preferred provider of energy management solutions on board its operating fleet due to its sophisticated algorithms and performance record.

“We are delighted to be able to build a long-term partnership with COSCO Shipping Lines to enhance continuous performance efficiency and environmental protection across the fleet,” stated Regional Director of Marorka Asia, Soh Wikki.

COSCO Shipping Lines signs MoU on Strategic Working Relationship

COSCO Shipping Lines and Marorka recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (2 December 2016) to establish a strategic working relationship. Both parties will promote and develop a higher level of efficiency in energy management and operational performance for COSCO Shipping Lines’ container fleet – focusing in particular on all new builds and other selected classes.

The signing ceremony took place on the 2 December 2016. It was attended by dignitaries including Iceland’s former president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Iceland’s Ambassador in China, Ragnar Baldursson and delegation from COSCO and SMDERI.

The primary focus of the strategic working relationship is to ensure the smooth delivery of a high-quality, cutting-edge energy management system with guaranteed service efficiency. This includes advanced approaches to optimizing trim, speed and machinery along with performance monitoring for the container fleet.

A major aspect of the cooperation is to increase the effectiveness in responding to technical and operational enquiries. Consequently, Marorka has, together with its local partner SMDERI, established a Service and Training Centre in Shanghai to provide technical services and expertise for crew and shore management. Both parties agree that improving crew performance and awareness is a precondition to gain a higher level of energy efficiency.

CSO of Marorka, Firdtjof Rohde, explains the philosophy of the MoU: “The strategic partnership reflects the fact that a sophisticated energy management system has become a competitive factor. Even in times of low bunker prices, reduced energy consumption has a significant relevance on companies’ profitability.”

COSCO Shipping Lines has selected Marorka as the preferred solution provider of energy management solutions on board its operating fleet due to its sophisticated algorithms and performance record. ‘’We are delighted to have verified the fuel savings result from Marorka solutions on board the pilot project vessels before we decided to go for fleet rollout,” said Mr. Hou Li Ping, Deputy Managing Director, COSCO Shipping Lines.

Marorka builds up a Fleet Performance Centre in Asia

Marorka has enlarged its portfolio from selling and installing energy management systems to providing in-depth consultancy which closely accompanies the operational, organizational and procedural changes required for a successful implementation of an advanced energy management system. CSO of Marorka, Fridtjof Rohde, points out that the MoU includes the support of change management activities. “We at Marorka are convinced that better communication between ship and shore, effective crew training, incentive schemes and close steering of energy management activities will allow our customer, COSCO Shipping Lines, to obtain higher target achievement rates.”

Marorka and COSCO Shipping Lines will establish efficient performance monitoring, enabling COSCO Shipping Lines’ management to realize additional savings while reducing the environmental impact of its shipping operations. A core element of this data analysis strategy is the establishment of a Fleet Performance Centre and a Data Backup Centre for COSCO Shipping Lines to oversee and monitor fleet operational performance 24/7 to improve fleet efficiency and to allow access and control of the company’s fleet data.

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