Centerline Logistics Announces “Visionary Fuels” Initiative

The initiative aims to reduce the carbon footprint within America’s ports and harbors
The initiative aims to reduce the carbon footprint within America’s ports and harbors

By The Maritime Executive 03-24-2021 10:32:58

Centerline Logistics, a leading national provider of marine petroleum transportation services, today announced the formation of its Alternative Fuels Working Group. The group consists of industry partners and internal representatives from within Centerline and will spearhead the cooperative project that will be known as “Visionary Fuels”.
The Visionary Fuels initiative will leverage Centerline’s unique and diverse asset list and industry expertise to build future marine transportation equipment, standards, and technology targeted towards reducing the carbon footprint of vessels transiting within America’s ports and harbors. This includes large containerships, tankers, and other large maritime vessels.
“Visionary Fuels is about modernizing the essential marine infrastructure required to deliver clean burning fuels with a reduced carbon footprint to the vessels that transit our ports and harbors,” said Doug Houghton, Senior Vice President. “We see the future in front of us and the need for modern marine technology is now.”
As part of the Visionary Fuels initiative, Centerline will leverage its network of industry contacts to expand the resources and assets required to deliver an expedited and practical application for next generation fuel technology.
“Centerline delivers hundreds of millions of gallons of oil safely on an annual basis and it is our responsibility to leverage our expertise for the good of the environment and communities we serve.” said Kelly Moore, Senior Vice President – East and Gulf Coast. 
Centerline, one of the nation’s largest marine petroleum transportation companies, operates a fleet of liquid petroleum transportation barges on all three coasts of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii and is an essential part of the U.S. domestic shipping market.

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