CASPER? teams up with ECKS MARINE


By MarEx 2016-04-22 14:51:45

Here on this Earth Day, Copenhagen based Propulsion Dynamics and Hamburg based ECKS MARINE have signed an agreement to work together on the German maritime market, to improve energy efficiency related to hull and propeller condition with Propulsion Dynamic’s unique CASPER® Service.

Torsten Ecks, owner and founder of ECKS MARINE sees many synergies in combining the sales and marketing of the CASPER® reports with other products of ECKS MARINE’s customers. “The benefit and ROI that CASPER® delivers is obvious”, Ecks says, “and our mission is now to bring this into the heads of the tonnage owners and operators in Germany.”

Daniel Kane, Vice President of Propulsion Dynamics proudly looks back to the year 2003 and the since then over 3,000 ship-years of experience of over 10,000 CASPER Reports made, delivering the unbiased analysis when acted upon will improve performance in the range of +/-5% within 2 years. According to Mr. Kane “Big Data is only half of the answer in improving ship performance, the total answer is in a Grey Box approach with in-depth hydrodynamic analysis combined with human intelligence applied to this big data. Further, there needs to be a policy tailored to the shipowner / charterer on how to utilize the CASPER data in day to day ship management, otherwise big data is just that ... big data”.

Propulsion Dynamics became the first company to offer outsourcing of Hull and Propeller Performance Analysis as a turnkey service utilizing manually or automatic collected VPMS data. The CASPER Service has made “hull performance” a common technical topic and continues to pioneer through hydrodynamic analysis of performance data from multitudes of monitoring systems, a rating system for hull and propeller condition and consultative development of technical policies improving fleet performance.

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