BALPURE® Systems to be Retrofitted On-Board Company’s Vessels

De Nora Marine Technologies and Navios Tankers Management Inc.

Published Aug 31, 2022 10:30 AM by The Maritime Executive

De Nora Marine Technologies and Navios Tankers Management Inc., Piraeus Greece, have agreed to cooperate on the installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWMS) on board certain vessels of its managed fleet. The BALPURE BWMS is a reliable treatment solution to help shipowners and operators comply with the most stringent ballast water regulations, offering a flexible footprint, ease of operation and low-power consumption.

“We are excited to support Navios and its legacy in working to protect our environment by complying with ballast water regulations,” said Dimitrios Tsoulos, Regional Sales Manager from De Nora.

BWM systems are mission-critical to both compliance with international ballast water management regulations and the preservation of marine ecosystems across the globe. The BALPURE systems' proprietary electrolyser cell design allows for durable, efficient and reliable operations, while also maintaining low-power consumption and providing operational flexibility in any water conditions. De Nora’s extensive electrochemistry experience spans more than 6,000 electrochlorination (EC) installations.

De Nora is now one of only a few global BWMS manufacturers offering both ultraviolet (UV) and EC BWMS technologies over a full range of flows and vessel types, including the Hyde GUARDIAN® UV-based system and the BALPURE system, respectively. Both BWM systems have been extensively installed on vessels across the global maritime industry and are approved to meet IMO D-2 and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

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