BAKKAFOSSUR Hybrid Live Fish Carrier


Published Feb 7, 2023 11:06 AM by The Maritime Executive

KNUD H. HANSEN has designed, projected managed and supervised the construction for a Live Fish Carrier for Bakkafrost in the Faroe Islands. This innovative vessel is one of the biggest Live Fish Carriers in the world at 109.2 meters in length and 22.2 meters in breadth and with a cargo capacity of 7,000 cubic metres.

The vessel is in many ways an innovation, specifically related to the arrangement of the special LFC-equipment onboard. With four cargo holds of 1750 cubic meters each the vessel can transport about 1000 tons of live salmon from cages offshore to shore-based processing facilities. The vessel can also take live salmon onboard for treatment for lice in fresh water in the cargo tanks and when discharging to cages, salmon over a certain size can be retained onboard for transport to the processing facility. Capacity for production of fresh water through reverse osmosis is 6000 tons per day.

All equipment onboard, inclusive main propulsion motor, are electrically driven. Power is supplied by a hybrid system of diesel generators, electric batteries and whilst in harbour a high voltage shore connection is also available, which in a practical combination can reduce the fuel consumption.

The five diesel generators are placed in a deckhouse on shelter deck for easy change to suitable 100% green generators when such technology becomes available. On top of the machinery deck house there is place for sixteen 20-foot containers which gives space for future green fuel.

With a dynamic positioning system including 2 x 2 side thrusters of 1000 kW each and far-reaching deck cranes the ship is made ready for operating towards future cages on open sea.


  • Length Overall: 109.20 m
  • Breadth, moulded: 22.20 m
  • Depth to main deck: 8.20 m
  • Capacity live fish abt. 1,000 t
  • FW tank capacity 3,000 m3
  • FW production 6,000 m3 / 24 hrs
  • Speed 13,5 knots

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