Ausonia Cruise Holdings Announces Monaco Based Cruise Investment Team


Published Oct 4, 2021 9:40 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Ausonia Cruise Holdings]

Ausonia Cruise Holdings announced today the formation of its Monaco based corporate entity as a main governing body for its cruise-industry investment ventures.  

Ausonia Cruise Holdings brings together a team of experienced finance professionals and cruise industry operating executives. Our aim is to develop ‘Special Purpose Acquisition Companies’  incorporated for the purpose of effecting a merger, asset acquisition, or similar business  combination with one or more entities in our target market. We expect to focus on cruise, yachting  or cruise-centric businesses that have attractive growth-oriented characteristics and strong  underlying drivers. As we focus our efforts on identifying prospective target companies, we seek to  capitalize on the decades of combined experience of our board of directors and eco-system  partners. Our strategy is focused on managed growth and the acquisition of select assets and/or  companies with the potential to create value in the long run.  

As we complete the initial stages of team formation and pre-IPO sponsorship, our aim is to proceed  towards an IPO in 2022 on a select US-based marketplace in order to secure the financing necessary  to proceed with our acquisition strategy. Our Board of Directors consists of cruise industry experts  who are working together to take advantage of investment opportunities under the current  favorable business climate, both in terms of asset valuation and availability of capital.  

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