Anglo-Eastern Launches Fleet Performance Centre in Mumbai

Image courtesy of Anglo-Eastern
Image courtesy of Anglo-Eastern

Published Apr 7, 2022 8:44 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Anglo-Eastern]

On this National Maritime Day of India, we are proud to announce the launch of the Anglo-Eastern Fleet Performance Centre (AEFPC) in Mumbai. Focused on fleet performance and voyage optimisation “from the first mile to the last ton”, AEFPC serves to bridge the gap between descriptive and predictive analytics by leveraging the data gathered from day-to-day vessel performance monitoring by such technologies as W?rtsil?’s Fleet Operations Solution (FOS), amongst others.

AEFPC drives optimal performance by identifying trends and translating data into proactive human interventions aimed at improving overall fleet safety, performance, regulatory compliance, predictive maintenance, and safe navigation.

The centre is located within Anglo-Eastern’s Mumbai office and features ten ergonomic workstations arranged in an open floor concept. A 16-foot, state-of-the-art video wall allows real-time monitoring of vessels and weather conditions around the world, with the option to display alerts, updates, system feeds and external websites, as well as host video conference calls.

Staffing the centre is an experienced team of industry performance specialists, engineers, nautical experts, and analysts, led by Vipin Achan, Head of Performance. The team has been successfully piloting the initiative since July 2021, with measurable cost savings and benefits. Under the new setup, access to real-time information is now easier than ever before, further enhancing monitoring and optimisation efforts, while supporting even timelier information sharing between offices and ships.

Owners differentiate themselves from their peers in a number of ways. One is by achieving cost savings, efficiencies and economies of scale, which together make them a more competitive and attractive option in the market. Another is by demonstrating their commitment to the environment and sustainable practices.

Through optimisation, both end goals can be realised, with a reduction in emissions as well as real cost savings that can be passed upstream to owners and their business partners.

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