ALMACO Refurbished Cabins and Suites Onboard Artania

Artenia and ALMACO

Published Feb 10, 2023 12:01 PM by The Maritime Executive

In April, 2022, ALMACO was awarded the contract to refurbish cabins and suites onboard Phoenix Reisen’s cruise ship Artania. The work took place in Marseille, France when the ship was on drydock in November 2022 and has now been delivered to the company.

Artania is a cruise ship of German-based tour operator Phoenix Reisen, who's operating a sea and river cruise ship fleet. In November 2022, an ALMACO refurbishment team consisting of 180 skilled experts boarded Artania as she arrived in Marseille, France for an 4-week-long drydock. The team undertook the assignment to upgrade Artania’s guest cabins and suites.

Scope of work onboard Artania
ALMACO’s scope of work onboard Artania consisted of refurbishing several cabins and suites. ALMACO refurbished 255 cabins covering an area of about 3060 m 2 on three different decks onboard the vessel. The scope also included the refurbishment of 64 suites of which 52 were junior suites and 12 were gold suites located on decks seven and eight. The scope of work for both the suites and the cabins included new carpets, furniture, and fabrics, as well as electrical work and wall modifications.

Long experience and good collaboration
“The project was a success and went according to plans thanks to the great teamwork we experienced with Phoenix Reisen,” says Jean-Pierre Lepage, ALMACO’s Vice President of Modernization Accommodation Systems. Eric Guiot, Project Manager at ALMACO, adds “ALMACO’s expertise and long experience in cabin refurbishment was of great importance in making the project run smoothly. Both Phoenix Reisen and ALMACO are very proud of our refurbishment team and the work performed onboard Artania.”

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