All American Marine Builds Patrol Vessel for Texas Parks and Wildlife


Published Feb 21, 2020 3:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

All American Marine, Inc. (AAM) has completed construction and launched an innovative aluminum catamaran. This vessel will serve an integral role patrolling both Texas state and federal waters for the law enforcement division of Texas Parks and Wildlife. The 80’ x 27’ (OAL) Captain Murchison features twin CAT C18 ACERT D Engines, with Hamilton Jet HM 521 waterjets and is built to USCG Subchapter T standards.

The state-of-the-art hydrofoil assisted vessel, from Teknicraft Design, will combine innovative design features critical to modern maritime law enforcement. One revolutionary feature is the
inclusion of Teknicraft ’s Rapid RHIB launching system. This feature integrated into the stern of the vessel, will increase safety and reduce the time and manpower required to deploy the vessels’ rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB). It will allow for deployment and retrieval in under 1 minute. The RHIB is a 20’ Willard with a 170 HP Volvo Diesel Engine, and also features Hamilton Jet Propulsion. The Captain Murchison is also the first vessel in North America to feature Hamilton Jet’s innovative Advanced Vessel Control (AVX) system. The new AVX features include both a station keeping and a JETanchor positioning system. 

Additional vessel features include a DJI Mavic Drone integrated to the helm displays, as well as a FLIR M400 XR High resolution Thermal Imaging video with tracking to assist with patrol duties in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The vessel is definitely a game-changer for the Texas Game Wardens,” said Cody Jones, Assistant Commander for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “Our key mission is to make sure the Texas maritime border is safe. The fact of the matter is, there’s not an off the shelf vessel available that meets the daily needs of law enforcement, particularly for long range vessels. Each step of the way All American [Marine] listened to us, understood our mission, and in conjunction with Teknicraft, designed and built a vessel that has all the versatility we need to be successful on the water.”

TPWD is responsible for patrolling state waters of Texas, out to 9 nautical miles in the Gulf of Mexico. However, TPWD and Texas Game Wardens also patrol an additional 200 nautical miles into exclusive economic zones through a joint enforcement agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency. The Law Enforcement Division of TPWD, based in Austin Texas, "provides a comprehensive statewide law enforcement program to protect Texas' wildlife, other natural resources, and the environment. The Division also provides safe boating and recreational water safety on public waters by ensuring compliance with applicable state laws and regulations. Texas Game Wardens are responsible for enforcement of the Parks and Wildlife Code, all TPWD regulations, the Texas Penal Code and selected statutes and regulations applicable to clean air and water, hazardous materials and human health.” 

Texas Game Wardens are the first line of defense in the state’s and nation's border security initiatives in the Gulf of Mexico. The Game Wardens needed a vessel capable of operating in adverse sea and weather conditions to fulfill this mission. This new vessel will fill a vital role in the enforcement of environmental and patrolling responsibilities. 

All American Marine’s new shipyard has provided an expanded capacity and production capabilities for both additional and larger vessels. The launch of this vessel further exemplifies All American’s position as the technological innovator in the North American marketplace, and a leading manufacturer of innovative and fuel efficient workboats. AAM has an exclusive partnership in North America with Teknicraft Design and is continually exploring new opportunities to build unique and innovative vessels.

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