African Ports - Age of Artificial Intelligence Conference

Port of Durban
Port of Durban, South Africa

Published Apr 14, 2023 2:04 PM by The Maritime Executive

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is making waves in Ports and Terminal Operations. AI is a key technology for smart ports and the reason for port automation. In fact, without AI, smart ports could not exist. AI has already impacted global logistics companies and will continue to impact the development of the maritime and shipping industry. 

This conference aims at getting African Ports to upgrade their operation systems with intelligent technology systems in order to ensure greater productivity and efficiency while also ensuring that jobs are not lost in the process and also PPPs general status of the industry. It is a targeted event specially designed for, and aimed at, representatives from African government policy makers, transport ministries, operations, maintenance and engineers from port authorities, IT technicians, project managers, automation engineers, terminal operators, consultancy firms, dredging contractors, maritime construction firms, consulting engineering firms and suppliers of cargo handling and terminal equipment and those involved in the effective development and operation of container ports and terminals around the African continent. Ports are the largest mode of transport in distribution of goods across the world. 
This conference will highlight in-depth, how Artificial Intelligence will transform the Port Operations industry for the better with AI port ecosystems in place to improve the point to point communication system from port terminal to port terminal.

This conference offers an African perspective on port terminal operations, it is a perfect opportunity to discover the latest technological innovation, the impact automated ports have on the shipping and maritime industry and what can be done better to improve the way port terminals are ran and managed.

The last day is a workshop on Cyber-security. Sectors such as Mining and Warehousing involved in the Supply Chain have been faster to recognize the benefits of automation in general and implement the Technology into their processes. Automation allows Ports & Terminal to operate more safely, minimize human-caused disruption, and more importantly enhance performance key to their search for efficiency. While the African Ports & Terminals have been lagging behind in adopting such technologies thus far, significant benefits of IoT and the availability of the Technologies have opened up opportunities to the African Operators.

However, contrary to traditional Security Risk Management, addressing Cyber-Risks introduces entirely new challenges for Ports & Terminals Operators who often lack the internal expertise, organizational structure and processes or the resources to effectively assess and mitigate them in Africa. Moreover, the nature of Port and Terminal Operations and, especially, the interconnectedness and service inter-dependencies across Ports & Terminals ecosystems requires all involved operators to achieve and maintain a baseline level of Cyber-Security.
This event also offers sponsorship, exhibition and speaking opportunities.

•    The Challenges of Digital Transformation
•    The Redefinition of Human Machine Relationships
•    Investment in Automation
•    Metaverse: Optimizing Process Performance with Digital Twin Technology
•    Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Port Development
•    Optimizing Container Terminal Operations with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
•    Standardization: When will the African Port Industry get its Breakthrough Moment?
•    How Port Terminals can improve their Resiliency through Strategy and Investment
•    Developing a Change Management and Workforce Strategy to Improve Capability Gaps
•    Benefits and Components of Automation in Ports
•    IoT Based Navigation in Port Terminals
•    Cyber Security
•    Port Terminal Innovation Ecosystem. 
Who Should Attend?
•    Representatives from African government, policy makers.
•    Transport ministries.
•    Operations managers, maintenance and engineers from port authorities.
•    Terminal operators.
•    Consultancy firms.
•    Dredging contractors.
•    Maritime construction firms.
•    Consulting engineering firms
•    Suppliers of cargo handling and terminal equipment.
•    Shipping companies.
•    Port Automation software companies
•    CEO's/MD/COO etc.
•    Port practitioners, Port & Terminal Managers
•    Transport & Terminal Planners, Shipping & Transport Managers
•    Academics, students, shipping and logistics professionals, supply chain professionals & policy makers.
•    Port stakeholders (including municipal stakeholders)
•    Government officials
•    Freight forwarders and shipping agents /Shipping company agents
•    Business development managers, officers of port operating companies
•    Importers and exporters, investor relations managers & procurement and sourcing 
•    Maritime lawyers and regulators, sales and account
•    Maritime safety, security and environment professionals
•    Shipyard managers and high ranking officers


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