AEGIR-Marine Participates In Scientific Stern Tube Seal Research


By MarEx 2016-06-08 15:44:08

Recently, AEGIR launched two substantial research programs in the field of stern tube seals. AEGIR works together on this with two renowned Dutch technical universities. "Market and environmental requirements have changed and will keep changing", states Ruud Muis, managing director at AEGIR-Marine, "stern tube seals, however, have hardly evolved at all. We have a lot of experience with stern tube seals of different producers, and now it’s time to combine our knowledge with scientific research."

Subjects of research

AEGIR will be actively involved and perform many tests and parts of the research that will focus on two major issues:

1. Lifetime optimization. Longer docking intervals means stern tube seals must perform their duty longer.

2. Optimization of seals in combination with biodegradable oils. EAL formulas use more aggressive chemicals that can influence the seal’s lifetime in a negative way.

Robert van Herwaarden (Production Manager at AEGIR-Marine). "It’s AEGIR’s mission to add value to its customers' operations. We believe that this research program will result in better and improved products for our customers. However, optimization is not easy since seals will have to fit in the housing parts of the seal box. Therefore, shape optimization is limited."

One of the most important aspects of these research programs is gathering profound knowledge of tribology, the science of friction. What are the influences of friction? In what way does a seal wear out and what happens when it does? What does lubrication, especially EALs, do to a seal? And so on. It’s this specialist knowledge why AEGIR has started these research programs with two renowned technical universities.

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