ABS Publishes Latest Developments in Ship Vibration Analysis

Image courtesy of ABS
Image courtesy of ABS

Published Jul 17, 2022 9:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ABS]

Detailed analysis of ship vibration issues has been published by ABS to support the industry in mitigating damage caused by vibrations induced by machinery and the environment.

Insights into Ship Vibration Analysis presents the latest developments in vibration analysis, vibration criteria and mitigation measures. It also explores four different real-world cases where vibration issues have been identified, analyzed and mitigated.

As modern vessels become more optimized for improvements to cost, performance and sustainability, new challenges arise. Vibration-induced failures are one such challenge that have been hidden by over-designed structures and machinery in the past. As designs have become more optimized, excitation sources from rotating machinery to natural ocean waves are starting to account for fatigue in structures, loss of cargo, malfunctions in machinery and electrical components as well as habitability issues for the crew. Therefore, vibration is now a constraint that must be accounted for in the design.

“This is a challenge that runs to the heart of the ABS mission to advance the cause of safety at sea, and I am proud that we are highlighting critical vibration issues on modern marine structures,” said Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President, Technology. “We took real-world cases where vibration issues have been identified and applied them to the latest developments in vibration analysis. Solutions on mature, existing vessels can be costly. Our goal is to share these findings with industry so that vibration issues are addressed as early as possible.” 

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