Xeos Product Provides Global Notification

By MarEx 2014-04-11 15:20:00

Xeos Technologies has recently developed a new product for the MicroBeacon line, known for its ability to survive depths of 11,000 m below water. The XMi-11K Relay provides a wide range of capabilities for deep water marine researchers and industrial efforts. Deep water research is both expensive and complex – not to mention remote from most communication infrastructure. The XMi-11K Relay is able to provide global notification of its position and status of health as well as bi-directional serial data to an external device, assisting with these challenges.

The XMi-11K Relay includes a Global Positioning Satellite system chipset to establish accurate position information as well as an Iridium communications modem – providing the world’s only truly global communication mechanism. This allows two way communication with the XMi-11K Relay no matter where it is on the world’s oceans, when it is at the surface. The proprietary sensors on board allow the XMi to sense when it is at the surface and transmit its location. The new Relay functions allow it to send serial data from a connected device to a remote location as well as transmit received commands to that device.

“One of the target markets is the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV) industry, which is growing at a rapid pace. We believe that, among other uses, the XMi-11K Relay would be ideal for relaying programming instructions to an AUV.”, says President, Derek Inglis. “When the AUV first pops up to the surface, the XMi-11K Relay will send out the data the AUV has gathered and then receive its new programming instructions such as new coordinates and depth ranges for its next trip. From environmental research to remotely controlled search operations, the possibilities are really exciting.”

Able to survive at depths of 11,000 m below sea level, the XMi-11K Relay will be available with a waterproof SubConn/Impulse connector to an external power source and/or with a battery pack also rated to 11,000 m. In addition to the command and control of an external device, once at the surface, the XMi-11K Relay is able to transmit its own position information and status of health messages at regular, pre-configured intervals. The XMi-11K Relay is also remotely configurable over the Iridium satellite network.

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