Velodyne Marine to Debut its Experimental Boat, "Martini 1.5" at the 2013 Miami Boat Show

By MarEx 2013-02-11 11:17:00

Velodyne Marine ( will demonstrate to the public, for the first time, its revolutionary, fully articulated marine vessel. Capable of 30mph, and having a passenger deck that will stay perfectly level in seas of over 5’, and has a ride quality that has to be experienced to be believed.

Martini 1.5, the second in a series of 3 experimental boats being built by Velodyne Marine.  Invented by David Hall, Velodyne founder, who is also the inventor of numerous audio products, as well as the LiDAR that Google (and others) use on their self-driving vehicles.  “The Martini project is both a way to re-connect with the marine world, and more significantly, a project that challenged all of my skill and knowledge, and it wasn’t clear that such a device could be made to work” says David Hall.  “It not only works, but it works surprisingly well, a true engineering tour de force”.

The boat resembles a pontoon craft, with a pair of 35’ pontoons powered by 150 hp outboards, and a suspension-supported 10’ X16’ passenger deck with seating for 6 individuals.

Martini 1.5, delivers a scalable, stable structure that can be implemented into any luxury yacht or commercial work boat. The suspension supported platform can be scaled up for any size boat.  This opens up sea travel to millions of people who experience seasickness today. David Hall’s technology will potentially pave the way to safer and more comfortable boat travel in rough, ocean waters.

Boat owners, builders and members of the media are welcome to experience, first-hand, the revolutionary stabilization system that will revolutionize the marine industry.

Throughout the span of the show, demonstrations of Velodyne Marine’s Martini 1.5 will be available at Slip # 300C within Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center (1635 North Bayshore Drive, Miami.)

Interested parties should contact to schedule a trial voyage or for more information.

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