Several New Orders for Deltamarin's B.Delta Bulk Carrier Series

By MarEx 2013-05-13 11:13:00

The B.Delta43 order by the German ship owner HBC Hamburg Bulk Carriers at CSC Qingshan Shipyard and the B.Delta37 order by the Tunisian ship owner Transbulk at Yangfan shipyard are the latest additions to Deltamarin’s B.Delta series. On top of these new orders, China Navigation Company (CNCo) has lifted an option for another four B.Delta37 vessels at Chengxi Shipyard, d’Amico an option for one more B.Delta37 at Yangfan Shipyard, and M.T. Maritime Management Group (MTM Group) at the CSIC / Xingang shipyard has lifted an option for two B.Delta37’s.

These new additions bring the total order number of B.Delta designs and their derivates already to 59 vessels, all at Chinese shipyards.

Deltamarin will produce Basic Design, part of Detail Design and Technical Procurement handling for the shipyards. Site Teams will ensure continuity all along the design phases to production.

B.Delta43 for HBC

HBC orders a brand new type of the B.Delta series. The B.Delta43 order includes three firm ships plus options. These 43,000 tdw bulk carriers are a new size in the B.Delta family with overall length of 189.99 m and beam 30.0 m. The cargo carrying capacity is 54,000 m3.

The design is a double hull bulk carrier with shallow draft and good manoeuvring capabilities intended for operation in restricted water depths, and with high energy efficiency and very low fuel consumption.

The service speed at design draft shall be 14.0 knots and the model tested daily fuel oil consumption at design draft shall be only 18.1 t including 15 % sea margin, ISO conditions. The calculated EEDI for the B.Delta43 is more than 25% below the required limit thus fulfilling already now the coming requirements of 2025.

B.Delta37 for Transbulk

The bulk carrier design ordered by Transbulk is a standard B.Delta37 design. The order includes two firm ships plus options.

The ships’ main dimensions are 179.99 m in overall length and 30.0 m in beam with cargo carrying capacity of 50,000 m3. With service speed of 14.0 knots at design draft the model tested daily fuel oil consumption shall be 17.7 t including 15 % sea margin, ISO conditions. EEDI is calculated to fulfil the present and coming requirements.

B.Delta37 - more options confirmed

The bulk carrier options ordered by MTM Group is a standard B.Delta37 design, repeat of the four B.Delta37 already contracted by the owner with CSIC / Xingang shipyard. The ships are of the standard type of B.Delta37 series with the same main dimensions and performance as Transbulk vessels.

CNCo has declared their further options of four B.Delta37 handysize bulk carriers with box shaped holds to be built at Chengxi Shipyard in China. This brings the total number of the B.Deltas ordered by CNCo to twelve. Their first order was placed in early 2012.

Also the Italian ship owner d'Amico Societa di Navigazione S.p.A. has declared an option for one more B.Delta37. Their vessels are an amended version of the B.Delta37 design into an open hatch configuration. The total number of vessels being built at Yangfan Shipyard for d’Amico is now seven.

The total value of all these orders is about 5.1 M€ corresponding to about 70 man-years of design work.

B.Delta series

Deltamarin’s focus in the design has been on fuel efficiency. The proven solutions in the B.Delta design that enable the improvements to existing designs are a combination of hull form, propeller, rudder and main engine solutions applied in a novel way.  Consistent results have been gained in model tests with all the B.Delta designs.

Two ships in the B.Delta series, B.Delta SUL Panamax bulk carriers, have already been delivered to their owners, MV “Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin” and MV “Balto” respectively to CSL International and to Klaveness. Both vessels made their speed on the sea trials in accordance with model tests, proving the performance of the hull form and propulsion.

The French shipbrokers Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) have given their valuable input especially in marketing all of these B.Delta designs.

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