Scanjet: New Package for Tankers, FPSOs

Scanjet Marine AB and Scanvent ApS are combining product ranges to create the most comprehensive in-tank equipment package in the market.

By MarEx 2014-06-12 13:22:00

Scanjet’s current product range consists of tank cleaning equipment, Tank Management solutions with monitoring, control and alarm system for cargo and service tanks, while Scanvent offers a novel range VOC efficient dual nozzle high velocity valves, ranging from barges to VLCCs and FPSOs, and MSC/Circ. 1324 flame screen upgrade kits spares for most existing p/v valves. 

The combined product ranges cover all in-tank equipment bar cargo pumps. The two companies are already supplying numerous projects individually for the most demanding ship owners, such as JO Tankers and Stolt-Nielsen, and combining efforts will boost efficiency and customer services by rendering a single contact for the combined product range. 

Scanjet’s factory in Sweden will assume manufacturing of Scanvent p/v valves next to its tank cleaning machine production line. 

The two sales and R&D organizations will integrate with Scanjet’s sales network becoming a single point of contact for customers over the course of the next months. 

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