Order Book Opens on New SAILOR Black Box, Touch Operated Class A AIS

By MarEx 2013-05-02 11:49:00

Launched at SMM 2012, Cobham SATCOM made its new standalone SAILOR Class A AIS available to order in April 2013. The SAILOR 6280/81 AIS System is a ‘black box’ solution with flexible installation possibilities and features contemporary touch screen operation through the new SAILOR 6004 Control Panel.

Designed and built to the same fundamental qualities that have made SAILOR such a respected name in maritime communication, the black box design of the SAILOR 6280/81 AIS System enables simple installation and operation as a standalone navigation aid or part of an Integrated Navigation System (INS). Installation is easy; just install the black box transponder wherever convenient and connect it via LAN (using the sophisticated Lightweight Ethernet protocol) to the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel.

Continuing the pioneering use of touch screen operation of maritime communications equipment started with the SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal, which is part of the industry leading SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Series, the new SAILOR AIS features a touch interface familiar to users of modern smartphones and tablets. Operation is straightforward and intuitive; simply activate a function by tapping the corresponding icon on the display. Specific functions open quickly and smoothly, providing a seamless user experience.

Both the SAILOR 6280 AIS System and SAILOR 6281 AIS Basic System feature the ThraneLINK application interface, which provides facility for easy servicing via the Thrane Management Application (TMA). Servicing is also supported by the sophisticated built in diagnostic system whilst a a ‘Pilot Plug’ enables pilots to easily interface with the system. Both versions come with everything needed for installation, including the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel and an active GPS antenna with built-in DC output on the connector and possibility for single-antenna installation (Common VHF and GPS).

Designed for all commercial vessels required under SOLAS to carry Class A AIS, SAILOR 6280/81 AIS System is also river use compliant, meeting the CCNR requirements (Central Commission for navigation on the Rhine). The SAILOR 6280/81 AIS System works with both GPS and GLONASS and supports messages for Long Range Satellite tracking on channel 75 & channel 76.

First delivery of SAILOR 6280/81 AIS System is expected June 2013.

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