New Wider Distribution of Hand-E-Glove® Barrier Lotion from CAIG Laboratories, Inc.

By MarEx 2013-02-27 14:20:00

Hand-E-Glove® the protective barrier hand lotion, is now protecting grimy hands everywhere.  It is applied like ordinary hand lotion but it does so much more.

Smooth it on before you start cleaning tasks, working on cars, gardening, painting or those DIY projects.  Even glue, ink and plumber’s putty easily wash away with plain soap and water when your hands are protected by Hand-E-Glove®.

“Hand E Glove’s skin-softening, anti-static formulation,” said CAIG Labs. President, Mark Lohkemper, “leaves hands soft and moisturized.  It also works great under winter gloves to help keep your skin from drying and cracking. ”

Originally developed and used for years in the electronics industry, Hand-E-Glove®, now available for consumers at leading retailers and it can be ordered online at .  Before you reach for a wrench or paintbrush, reach for Hand-E-Glove®.

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