Seaworks International to Launch Suspension Seating

By MarEx 2014-06-10 10:40:00

NAUTech Seating the first multi-axis seating system design to provide optimum protection for crew in all conditions, as featured in the Dalby Swale, Dalby Offshore’s new 23m wind farm support vessel.

NAUTech seating by Jankel brings to the market a revolutionary approach to suspension seating for the marine sector, our latest innovation in protection solutions. Developed to properly protect against Whole Body Vibrations (WBV) and the severe loads on fast/rough conditions experienced by boat crew.

This new protection solution will be launched at SeaWork 2014, Southampton (10-12 June) and has been selected to enter the exhibition’s Innovation Showcase, a dedicated platform for products that are totally innovative in the commercial market.

The design contains two patented features, first, the suspension system is a new configuration of three non-conventional springs and damper elements to mitigate vibrations and increase occupant protection in any direction. Secondly the seat contains a passive restraint system to retain occupants within the seat and also protect the spine.

Eric Charleston, Jankel’s Head of R&D said “Our innovative seating system has three independent sprung elements with no fixed centre of roll which means, that no matter what the wave action the seat will provide sprung protection; particularly when rolling off a wave laterally or when dropping bow first into a trough. The patent pending sprung element consists of composite fibres with inbuilt damping; therefore no conventional dampers with their associated issues are used”.

The NAUTech seating system has been developed with the assistance of leaders in Whole Body Vibration studies, including testing undertaken by the University of Southampton in accordance with their protocols and together with user input from seven times world offshore powerboat champion Neil Holmes. Live trials are being carried out via a partnership with Dalby Offshore, the seats are being fitted to their new ‘Dalby Swale’ 23m wind farm support vessel to offer increased protection for passengers and crew working in a harsh environment.

Steve Bartram Operations Manager for Dalby Offshore had this to say on the project “Dalby are delighted to partner with Jankel and purchase the first NAUTech crew seats for our vessels. The revolutionary system will provide the protection and mitigating properties required in the off shore shipping industry”.

The Dalby Swale with NAUTech seats installed is being delivered to Dalby Offshore at SeaWork from Alicat Workboats and will be delivered, officially christened and available for inspection at the exhibition.

The vessel will be position at berth V28. 

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