Horizon Shipbuilding Announces Contract With Florida Marine Transporters

By MarEx 2013-10-15 11:12:00

Travis Short, Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc., and Jeff Brumfield, FMT after another successful acceptance trial of the 5000HP Cynthia II.

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc. of Bayou La Batre, AL is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with long-time customer Florida Marine Transporters, to build one 80’ towboat, with two option vessels. FMT has been our solid customer for nearly seven years, and FMT’s continued business is largely responsible for Horizon’s success and our ability to expand our capacities and capabilities.
Jeff Brumfield, FMT’s New Construction Manager, created the design, and has worked diligently along with John Gilbert and Associates to bring the design to reality. The vessels have the following characteristics:

LOA 80’
Beam 33’
Depth 10’-6”
Draft 8’-6”
Propulsion Power 2100BHP
Crew 6

Horizon owns and operates two shipyard facilities in Bayou La Batre, AL, located on a 100-ft wide channel with an 18-ft. dredged depth. We can manufacture ships, boats and barges up to 300-Ft. in length, and other steel fabrication. Our workforce consists of 400 full-time management, engineering, and production persons. We manufacture in three media - steel, aluminum and fiberglass - for a customer base which includes various U.S. Government agencies, offshore boat companies, and inland river operators.

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