Headway Obtained USCG Full-Scale AMS Certificate

China’s first BWMS manufacturer winning Full-Scale AMS Certificate

By MarEx 2013-04-25 14:09:00

OceanGuard TM Ballast Water Management System (BWMS), researched and developed by Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd., successfully obtained the AMS (Alternative Management System) Certificate issued by USCG while Headway became the first BWMS manufacturer to win USCG Full-Scale AMS Certificate in China.

It is known that there are more than 50 BWMS manufacturers all over the world currently, among which only eight companies were approved by USCG and awarded the AMS certificate. Only part models of most manufacturers get recognized, while Headway is the only one enterprise getting all models recognized, which indicated that Hedaway OceanGuard ® BWMS can be applied to ships with all rated capacity, especially the very large oil tankers (VLCC) and other large vessels.

According to reports, AMS is an IMO type-approved system that meets the USCG requirements, which can be installed for the ballast water treating before obtaining USCG Type Approval. This conception can be understood as the manufacturer approved by IMO must approach the USCG to receive approval for its BWM system as an AMS. A ship with an AMS installed has validity of five years, beyond the date when the ship would otherwise be required to comply with the USCG discharge standard. Ship types for which the USCG has type approved a suitable treatment system are not allowed to use an AMS. According to the new USCG Ballast Water Management Requirements, AMS will play a transitional role before obtaining the USCG Type Approval for the BWMS, with 5 year of validity, providing the guarantees for the ballast water discharge in United States waters.

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