Headway Continues on Successful Course at Dutch Shipyard

By MarEx 2013-07-31 11:04:00

Early in June 2013, Headway successfully commissioned OceanGuard ballast water management system (BWMS) onboard in European again. OceanGuard BWMS received excellent comments from both the shipowner and the shipyard for its performance and the professional support from the technical team of Headway.

The research and development of all the parts of OceanGuard BWMS, including the EUT Unit and the Filter, was performed by Headway, and their efficiency has been fully reflected once again in this commissioning work.

Wide range of applications and perfect treatment effect. The Dutch shipyard is located in a river and the entire commissioning work and the sea trials were carried out in coastal ports, with very low salinity water (4 psu only) and high turbidity. Even these hard conditions didn’t affect the efficiency of the system, which fully proved the uninterrupted filtration capability of Headway’s Filter and the perfect treatment effect of the EUT Unit, which is not depending on the water quality or salinity.

Small footprint. Before the decision to install OceanGuard, the construction of the vessel was nearing completion and there was no space provision made for the installation of a BWMS, which eventually turned out to be a big problem for the shipyard. This is exactly where OceanGuard’s great advantages of simple structure and small size gave the solution. The problem of lack of space was solved easily. The equipment was successfully installed between two platforms in the engineroom, an idea of installation that can be a very good solution for the existing vessels with limited space. Therefore, the shipowning company declared that OceanGuard will be their first choice for retrofitting the existing fleet.

Short commissioning period. Since the shipyard's delivery date was ahead of schedule, the commissioning time was very limited to three days only. Headway’s local service engineer embarked for the basic pre-commissioning immediately after receiving the shipyard’s notice, and spent only one day to complete the basic commissioning, then in the following 2 days the full commissioning was completed in the process of sea trials, ensuring that the vessel’s delivery date was not affected at all. Throughout the whole process of commissioning and sea trials, OceanGuard BWMS performed perfectly, getting the recognition from the shipowner, the shipyard and the field staff for its stable and efficient running as well as the simple operation procedures.

Meanwhile, Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd. was covered by semi-annual economic report in the shipping industry coming on CCTV, which is the most authoritative TV in China.

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