Facilities construction for V. Filanovsky Field

By MarEx 2014-06-11 14:52:00

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is involved in preparation and transportation to the operation site of the central processing platform (CPP) topside section for V. Filanovsky field in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. 

The preparatory work started on 5 June 2014 at sub-assembly site in Ilyinka, Astrakhan region. The first stage included the 10250-ton CPP topside section transfer from a slip to a specially equipped transport-assembly barge Yury Kuvykin

According to the RS experts, highly qualified specialists and relevant equipment are required to perform these operations. The transfer is arranged in several steps: by means of lifting jacks the topside section is uplifted by 10 meters to bring a processing shipping-assembly frame underneath. Then the float over operation is carried out by ballasting the barge. The final stage prior to transportation is to fix sea fastening. 

On 29 May 2014, the second stage facility of the V. Filanovsky field development - an ice-resistant fixed platform (IFP 2) was laid down at OOO Galaktika shipyard, Astrakhan. The IFP 2 is constructed under RS survey and enables simultaneous drilling and production. The customer is OOO Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft. Drilling facilities, power complex and product side are located at the platform. 

Drilling facilities allow to drill a group of 15 directional wells with horizontal hole injection: 9 development wells for hydrocarbon production and 6 injection wells for field pressure maintenance. Power complex is designed for power and heat supply of IFP 2 drilling and production facilities and living quarter platform (LQP 2) life-support system. Production side enables well-stream gathering, performance measuring and supply of surface product to CPP, distribution and supply of oil field/sea water from CPP to injection wells, distribution and supply of gas lift from CPP to oil producing wells. 

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