Dometic 7100 Series Masterflush Macerator Toilet Launched

By MarEx 2013-10-16 11:19:00

Dometic Marine, the world’s leading supplier of marine sanitation systems, introduced the new Dometic 7100 Series MasterFlush® macerator toilet to the commercial workboat trade for the first time at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans.

The winner of the 2013 IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category, the 7100 Series features the innovative ORBIT engineering (omnidirectional rotating base installation technology), enabling the base of the toilet to be rotated to any degree in relation to the bowl. This unique design element offers unparalleled benefits to OEMs as it results in virtually limitless floor plan and plumbing configurations. It will also add value to vessels where it is specified, as owners and users will appreciate the flexible configuration and comfortable design and welcome the benefits associated with the improved efficiency and economical usage.

After the award was announced, IBEX judge Pete Robson commented: “Dometic has come up with a smart solution to fitting a marine toilet into today’s multi-angled small space heads.”

Available with either freshwater or raw/sea water flushing capabilities, the 7100 Series toilet has been designed for use in very tight spaces and has one of the smallest foot-prints currently on the market. As well as the 360 degree ‘bowl-to-base’ rotation advantage, the toilet features a space-saving integrated electric water valve (freshwater models only) which eliminates the need for a separate installation. Standard and low-profile versions can be specified.

The flush is operated by a wall-mounted electrical switch and features variable flushing options, depending on the specified models. The freshwater versions are fitted with a standard, dual-action flush switch for ‘add water’ and ‘flush’ operations. As little as 1.2liters of water is used per flush and an optional ‘dry bowl’ flush can be specified for owners wanting to minimize splashing when the vessel is underway. The raw/sea water model has a ‘flush-only’ switch that will efficiently flush for as long as the button is pressed.

Both models can be specified with a 12V or 24V DC supply drawing a minimal 20 amps and 10 amps respectively.

As with other Dometic toilets, the bowl, enameled wooden seat and lid are ‘residential-style’ and size for premium comfort. Both models are available in white or bone colors.

On launching the new macerating toilet, Ed Todd, Director of National OEM Sales, said: “We have designed and engineered the Dometic 7100 Series MasterFlush toilet in response to the smaller sailboat market where entry-level pricing and compact size and efficiency is demanded. This new boat toilet will appeal to OEMs and designers due to its small foot-print and installation flexibility. Users will appreciate the familiarity and convenience of the residential-styling and boat owners will like the economical use of water and power.”

The 7100 Series toilets feature powerful MasterFlush technology. A nylon twin impeller draws waste into the macerating chamber where a 10-bladed stainless steel cutting wheel pulverizes and shreds the effluent. The resultant highly-macerated ‘black water’ is then ejected to the discharge line or holding tank for later pump out. Such a thorough maceration reduces the likelihood of clogs and odor permeation in the plumbing between toilet and holding tank.

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