CMN Offers New Ship Designs to Navies

By MarEx 2014-11-12 15:15:00

CMN confirms in 2014 its will to offer innovating and performing new designs to the most demanding Navies.

In addition to the OCEAN EAGLE 43 Mine-hunter and COMBATTANTE FS46 new vessels, CMN goes on and develops new designs as performance input for its vessels.

Taking the opportunity of its presence at EURONAVAL 2014, CMN is proud to present an innovating concept, namely the: C Sword 90 Corvette.

Based on its experience gained with almost 700 vessels - among which 90 belonging to the Combattante type – built and delivered all over the world, the C Sword 90 Corvette is indisputably one of the most innovating units  on the extended market of military vessels.

It is the biggest war vessel ever built by the Cherbourg Shipyard.

Benefiting from studies developed in term of stealthness, the C Sword 90 Corvette offers a completely new hull and superstructure design developed in collaboration with Thierry Verhaaren Architecte Naval.

Nothing has been left to chance and each curve or volume or appendages are adjusted with a view to authorize no compromise between maneuverability, performances and sea keeping. The C Sword 90 Corvette does not give in trends or stylistic effects and insists on the major qualities and it is simply designed to operate in a safe and efficient way in its missions and operations.

Designed for high intensity war situations, the new CMN jewel is able to operate offshore as well as for coastal operations.

The C Sword 90 Corvette is designed to meet the requirements of the modern Navies whose concern is to acquire a compact and multirole craft with a high fire power, capable of ISR missions (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) as well as electronic warfare tasks or as support to ground operations.

The design has been optimized with a view to ally an excellent sea keeping to a high speed (28 knots) and endurance performances.

The vessel can cover approx. 7000 miles with an average speed of 12 knots operated by a crew limited to 65 men.

The C Sword 90 Corvette offers a high strike power thanks to one 76mm gun aft and two tele-operated 20mm or 30mm guns for the treatment of the asymmetrical threats. In addition to the preceding are installed 8 MM40 anti-ship missiles plus 16 anti-aircraft ones with vertical launchers and 2 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems.The C Sword 90 Corvette is equipped with decoy launchers offering both an anti-missile protection with radar or infrared guidance and an electro-acoustic anti-torpedoes protection.

The C Sword 90 Corvette can accommodate all infrastructure and equipment necessary for an antisubmarine warfare (ASM) operation. ASM means are here particularly developed including a hull mounted sonar, a towed sonar and torpedo-launching tubes.

The modularity of the C Sword 90 Corvette enables the operation of submarine drones and tele-operated surface devices or 11m-long RHIB for the landing and/or intervention of commandos.

The C Sword 90 Corvette shows an aft platform capable to accommodate a 10-ton class helicopter.

The C Sword 90 Corvette is equipped with a new four fixed array panels naval radar ensuring a 360° permanent surveillance scope of the sea and air environments, completed with an extended range of electronic warfare means (R-ESM, C-ESM) and with an electro-optical system used also as fire-control system. The whole system is interfaced with the “Integrated Bridge Control System” and the “Integrated Naval Communication System”.

The C Sword 90 Corvette is, above all, the vessel meeting the requirements of the Navies wishing to acquire a reliable new design of multirole vessel, for reduced operation costs but with a remarkable fire power and without any equivalent in its category.

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