Auramarine's New, Cost-Efficient Solution Meets Lower Sulphur Emission Levels

By MarEx 2013-08-27 13:58:00

The new tightened sulphur emission rules will become effective in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and North America in 2015. The time for making the alterations required by the new regulations is running short. The easiest, fastest and the most cost-effective solution to meet the challenges of reducing sulphur emissions is to switch to MGO, which only contains 0.1% sulphur. The emission limits can be met easily by using fuel that contains less sulphur.

Challenges posed by low-sulphur fuel

A switch to low-sulphur fuel requires special equipment and expertise. The availability of total solutions in which all the challenges posed by a switch from HFO to MGO have been taken into account is limited. In an optimal solution, a switch from HFO to MGO or vice versa takes place automatically and in such a manner that the lubrication of the ship’s engines is ensured in every phase.

Auramarine´s solution fits both newbuilds and retrofits

Thanks to its superior experience in ship fuel systems, Auramarine is able to offer a fast, reliable and affordable service when a switch to low-sulphur fuel is needed. Auramarine’s equipment consists of three units: FO Supply unit, MGO Cooling System, and Auramarine Fuel Selector - an automatic system that controls the HFO/MGO change-over procedure.

Auramarine’s solution can easily be integrated with any heavy fuel oil feeding system, whether newbuild or retrofit. In the case of newbuild, it is worthwhile to utilize Auramarine’s AMB FO Supply units, which have been designed to function seamlessly with the MGO solution.

Ensuring engine lubrication is the number one priority

The cooling system reduces MGO’s temperature and increases viscosity to a level that meets the requirements set by the engine manufacturer. The ability of ship engines to utilize MGO varies considerably and the MGO Cooling System enables practically all ships to switch to low-sulphur fuel.

In a switch to low-sulphur fuel, it is of utmost importance that the process is both easy and safe. The switch must not jeopardize the lubrication of the engine and thereby the engine’s service life. Auramarine’s fuel switch system secures this important phase completely.

Auramarine’s solution helps achieve lower sulphur emissions

Auramarine Fuel Selector makes it possible to program the change-over procedure from one fuel to another to take place fully automatically. The system also ensures that the temperature change process is slow enough. The temperature of the fuel entering the engine must not change by more than about 2°C per minute.

Auramarine Fuel Selector also allows data reporting. The system saves the data on the PLC Unit and converts it into a clear report for the use of the shipping company and relevant authorities. The Auramarine Fuel Selector allows the ship’s crew to monitor the process data in real time. Apart from the automatic change-over process, the system can be controlled manually. The Auramarine Fuel Selector also includes the possibility to monitor the overall functioning of the system.

All in all, the Auramarine Fuel Selector offers shipping companies an easy, fast and cost-efficient solution for entering the new era of lower sulphur emissions required by the new regulations.

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