Alfa Laval Wins Repeat Environmental Order for Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

By MarEx 2013-12-09 15:58:00

Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – has won an order to supply Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems to the Dutch ship owner Spliethoff. The order is booked in the Marine & Offshore Systems segment and delivery is scheduled for 2014. Due to a confidentiality agreement Alfa Laval is unable to disclose the value of the order.

The order includes Alfa Laval PureSOX exhaust gas cleaning systems for five vessels, to be retrofitted during 2014.

Alfa Laval delivered its first PureSOX exhaust gas cleaning system to Spliethoff in 2012. Since then, the system has logged more than 7000 hours in compliance with IMO regulations for Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

“This repeat order for our scrubber technology confirms that it is an attractive and proven solution for the reduction of sulfur oxides, be it for retrofits or for installation aboard new vessels,” says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group.

IMO’s convention for the reduction of sulfur oxides (SOX) will affect all vessels, both new and existing. The convention demands that sulfur emission levels in certain Emission Control Areas (ECAs) shall be cut to 0.1 percent from the year 2015 and that the global emission level must not exceed 0.5 percent from the year 2020. To reach these levels ship owners can either use more expensive low-sulfur fuel or, on vessels where it is suitable, continue to run the ship on heavy fuel oil and invest in a scrubber such as Alfa Laval’s PureSOX.

Did you know that… on January 15, 2014, Alfa Laval will open a new test and training center in Aalborg, Denmark to test – among other things – boilers, scrubbers and heat exchangers for the marine and diesel industry?

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