150 Professionals and Trainees at 11th Annual d'Amico Group Meeting

11th Annual d'Amico Group

By MarEx 2015-10-29 13:12:39

The d’Amico Group, leading company in maritime transport, organised the 11th Annual Meeting in the presence of approximately 150 people among ship and shore staff at Gaeta, at the premises of Fondazione G. Caboto in the recently inaugurated Palazzo della Cultura.

The meeting is organized on an annual basis in order to examine, in depth, certain themes related to the shipping industry and corporate activities. This year, for the first time, the Captains and Chief Engineers were also joined by the young officers as well as the trainees completing their training thanks to Fondazione G. Caboto, of which the d’Amico Group is the main supporter. Their meeting with the ground staff from the offices of Rome, Genoa, Monte Carlo, London, Dublin, Stamford and Singapore, provided a valuable opportunity for knowledge and exchange in which the culture and sense of belonging to the company may grow.

During the three days of work, which shared the main theme of “Compliance”, international industry experts took turns with company managers to discuss and emphasize the importance of compliance with a national and international regulatory framework that governs the maritime industry in an increasingly stringent manner.

During the meeting an officer of the Italian Coast Guard explained the implications of international regulations through the framework of the Port State Control inspection regime, while a Chevron representative presented the Oil Major requirements for the tanker sector, with the increasingly rigid vetting inspections, aimed at defining the suitability of a ship and a company for the transport of their cargo.

Special attention was also focused on compliance with the international MARPOL Convention on marine pollution and environmental legislation in force in the United States, thanks to the contribution of eminent American attorneys. Finally, aspects of a technical nature were also brought up with Shell representatives interacting with company managers.

“Environmental sustainability and compliance with the highest safety standards – stated Paolo d’Amico, Chairman of the d’Amico Group – are principles that have always guided our company. Our eco ship investment plan works in this direction, anticipating international industry standards by ten years. Through this meeting, we aim to promote virtuous integration between the members of our fleet, experts and top-level managers.”

This year’s event demonstrated the company’s strong commitment to the revival of the maritime tradition of the city of Gaeta, intentionally chosen as the venue to welcome all the navigating staff and those who daily support their work from offices worldwide. A visibility and local marketing opportunity that boosts the city’s economy, thanks to the involvement of local accommodation facilities.

“We strongly wished to create a meeting point for new trainees and our shipping professionals in a building, the recently inaugurated Palazzo della Cultura, that – according to Cesare d’Amico, Chief Executive Officer of the d’Amico Group – represents a place of training and development for the future generations of the maritime sector, which our company will continue to invest in over the coming years”.

The sharing and awareness of values related to sustainability, safety and compliance, which represent a cultural factor as well as an operational one, are a crucial element for the d’Amico Group when actively responding to the changes in the industry and establishing itself as a leader on an increasingly complex and regulated market.

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