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Lignum Vitae North America is the world’s leader of genuine Lignum Vitae bearing material. Our material is operating around the globe in thousands of installations going back to the very beginning of hydroelectric generation: it was specified by Thomas Edison in 1882. Lignum Vitae is the only bearing material that was first specified and is still in service today. No other material has been in service longer or proven to be more reliable.

Proven Lignum Vitae Material is Now Available for Shaft Seals

Published Feb 22, 2021 3:01 PM by Lignum Vitae N.A.

Posted in: Shipping

Lignum vitae is well known as the maritime industry's original tailshaft bearing material. This high density wood has incredib...

Lignum Vitae Ensures Operational Readiness

Published May 20, 2019 8:49 PM by Lignum Vitae N.A.

Posted in: Maritime

It’s somewhere that no engineer or maintenance team wants to be – staring down the shaft at a failed bearing. Frustrat...

Making the Switch to Adaptable Shaft Seals and Bearings

Published Sep 19, 1979 3:18 PM by Lignum Vitae N.A.

Posted in: Maritime

Many commercial and military ship operators are frustrated by costly, ongoing maintenance issues with shaft bearings and seals. Ho...

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